Britney Spears Rocks A Blue String Bikini And Spins Underwater In Instagram Video

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Britney Spears rocked a string bikini and showed off some of her swimming skills for her latest entertaining Instagram post. On Saturday, the “Toxic” singer uploaded a video that included some amazing underwater footage. She also added a philosophical musing about water to her social media update.

Summer may be long gone, but Britney took advantage of the warm and sunny fall weather in Los Angeles by slipping on a blue string bikini and going swimming in her pool. The 37-year-old singer practiced walking on her hands underwater in the video documenting her swim. Her blond hair floated around her face as she quickly worked her way toward the deep end of the pool. When it started to get too deep, she began to fall over. However, the camera cut before she completely lost her balance.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Britney Spears has also demonstrated her ability to walk on her hands on land. In a different video, she does this while wearing an aqua bikini that looks similar to the one she filmed herself swimming in.

For the latest video demonstration of her athletic abilities, Britney tried swimming with her legs together, which required her to bend and unbend her body. She then launched into a series of underwater spins, displaying speed and skill as she twirled around and created clouds of bubbles. She also briefly swam on her back underwater.

Britney decided to set her video to music, choosing a melodious acoustic tune to match its peaceful vibe. However, the caption of her post wasn’t about the music or her underwater athletic skills. Instead, the “…Baby One More Time” songstress waxed poetic about the importance of water, sharing a slightly bittersweet sentiment about how it’s possible to survive without love, but not the life-sustaining liquid. She also got alliterative, praising water for being “matter, mother, matrix and medium.”

Britney Spears’ 23 million followers must have found her video pretty mesmerizing; they watched it almost 150,000 times over the course of an hour. Many of them compared her to a mermaid, and they also praised the singer’s words.

“Philosophical Queen,” wrote one fan.

“Never more at peace than when I’m completely submerged. Right you are,” a second remarked.

“Britney’s ig is the most peaceful place on the internet,” read a third comment.

Other fans expressed envy that Britney can still rock a bikini outside and get in the water this late in the year.

“I’m jealous you are swimming in November!” wrote one of the singer’s followers.

Britney hasn’t just been taking advantage of the warmer temperatures by swimming outside. In another recent Instagram video that was filmed outdoors near her pool, she can be seen demonstrating a few acrobatic moves with the help of an assistant.