‘The Affair’ Spoilers For Series Finale: To Wed Or Not To Wed

Mark SaglioccoGetty Images

Showtime’s The Affair is coming to an end, with plenty of loose ends still waiting for resolution within the TV drama’s storyline that ended this past week with Helen being saved by Noah after she has been bitten by a rattlesnake. The fresh action for the series finale’s video clip spoiler took place at Helen’s parents’ house.

Whitney wore her wedding gown while her mom did up the many buttons belonging to the long garment. She seemed to be in a bad mood when she told Helen that the tedious process was taking too long. The impatient bride-to-be let out an audible sigh when her mom told her that she had nearly completed the task.

Then, Whitney fretted about her guests, asking Helen if everyone was there for the ceremony because she was worried about last-minute cancellation. She then called Colin’s friends “flakes,” adding, “I don’t want there to be any empty seats.”

As Helen fiddled with one of the tiny buttons, she told her daughter that because Noah kept the guest list, Whitney would need to ask her father that question.

The comment riled Whitney even more. She made it clear that she had previously requested for her mom to take care of that duty.

Helen retorted, mentioning that Noah had sent out the invitations because it was “much simpler” that way.

“And Whitney, does it really matter? I mean, come on.”

At that point, the future spouse came undone. She addressed her mother in a harsh tone, clearly stating, “It matters to me.”

Then Helen accidentally dropped a button and her daughter swore at her. She asked her, “What the f**k is wrong with you?”

Helen explained that the reason she made the mistake was that Whitney had taken a quick turn while she had been trying to accomplish the delicate mission.

“Jesus, Helen, why are you even here?” Whitney meanly asked her diligent mother.

Faltering, Helen told Whitney that she believed her daughter could use some assistance on her wedding day, for which this caring parent was slammed even more by her rattled daughter.

“Oh, my God. Do not make this about you right now. I do not have time for that today.”

Helen snapped back, asking Whitney where she learned “to be so hard on people.”

“Why am I here. If I bother you that much, why am I here? Why didn’t you just disinvite me like you did your dad?”

Whitney had been applying lipstick when this discourse was being exchanged. Taking a beat, she stopped what she had been doing to stared at Helen while looking incredulous.

“Optics. Think about it. It would have looked terrible.”

At that point, Helen started to stomp out of the room, obviously disgusted with how her daughter was acting and what she was saying. But then, just before she left, she turned around to tell her child that she had really been trying to have a relationship with her that was better than the one she had with her mother. Helen added that, at present, she did not know how to veer away from the way she had been responding to her angry daughter.

Whitney told her mom that perhaps she could simply listen to her, which would be a change of tradition for the two family members. To prove that Helen did not listen to her, Whitney requested that she ask her a question to which Helen thought she didn’t know the answer. Helen sat, thought a second, and then proceeded with completing the exercise.

“Are you in love?”

No answer came, at least, not at that moment.

To find out what happens next, tune into the series finale of Showtime’s The Affair on Sunday, November 3.