October 30, 2019
Kesha States She Will Not Be Defined By What She's Been Through

Kesha has spoken to Rolling Stone and stated she will not let her past define her.

The "We R Who We R" hitmaker hasn't had the easiest couple of years, after dealing with an assault case she filed against music producer Dr. Luke, but she is moving on from the situation.

She is scheduled to release her fourth studio album, High Road, in January. She revealed the album will be more upbeat than her previous LP, Rainbow.

"I've been through things that were not all pleasant, and we all know about them," Kesha told the publication.

"I felt a little guilty about making dance-y songs, fun songs, and songs about going out and getting drunk with my friends. And then I realized I don't have to live under a dark cloud forever. No one's telling me to be happy. I earned my happiness, and it's OK to be happy. And hopefully, that's inspiring to people. I'm a survivor of sh*t, but it doesn't mean I have to be defined by what I've been through for the rest of my life," the "Learn To Let Go" songstress explained.

The new record will hear Kesha rapping again. She admitted that she doesn't take herself seriously as a rapper, and felt it wasn't the right time to rap on her previous release.

When the "Your Love Is My Drug" chart-topper was asked who she listens to at the moment, she declared her love for rising star Lizzo. She also mentioned that she is listening to Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young's Déjà Vu on her record player, and also enjoys 17-year-old sensation Billie Eilish.

The lead single from the album campaign, "Raising Hell," features rapper Big Freedia, and was released earlier this month. To promote the song, they both performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Freedia is no stranger to featuring on pop songs, as she also appears on Charli XCX's latest record.

The music video for the song has racked up more than 3.1 million views on Kesha's official YouTube channel in the span of six days.

The album artwork for High Road sees Kesha as a melting candle.

The record will be released via RCA Records and will consist of 15 new tracks. According to Kesha's online store, there will be other collaborations, including with Brian Wilson, Sturgill Simpson, and Wrabel. There is a track called "Kinky," which features Ke$ha, Kesha's original stage name; this hints at a song that might sound like her earlier work.

The album is available to pre-order now.