October 30, 2019
'Black Ink Crew's' Sky Days Gets Flirty In Low-Cut Shirt

Sky Days from Black Ink Crew shared a new Instagram video today, and she turned up the flirty vibes. She was spotted wearing a low-cut shirt, as she flaunted her cleavage. The top was tan with a white, geometric design and featured an off-the-shoulder cut with long sleeves. Plus, a front tie-knot added another dimension to her look. The tattoo artist accessorized with a couple of thin gold necklaces, along with thin, hoop earrings. She appeared to be behind the scenes on the set of the reality TV show, as she sat in front of a green screen.

Sky wore her hair pulled up into a large, elaborate bun, and she sported striking makeup. This included dark red lipstick, shimmery eyeshadow, and long lashes. The video started off with her giving majorly coy looks, as she touched her neck with her right hand and blinked seductively. At the end of the video, she broke character and smiled widely.

The clip has been viewed over 135,000 times already, even though it's only been live for a couple of hours. It can't be shared here, but you can check it out on Sky's Instagram page.

Followers have been leaving some nice messages for Sky in the comments section.

"Out of all the black inks shows she's the baddest female," complimented a fan.

"Girl yo smile popping," wrote an admirer.

Others hinted at her relationship with 600 Breezy.

"Lol ok ok u pretty skin flawless we see u.... skin look different when u happy and in love," expressed a follower.

"That GLOW DIFFERENT," exclaimed a fan.

Ever since Sky and the rapper went public with their relationship, both of their social media feeds have been filled with cute couple photos. And fans have been taking note of the tattoo artist's happy "glow" for weeks now, as she appears to be head-over-heels in love. They've already joked about an engagement in a prior Instagram post, after all.

Plus, two days ago, Sky shared a new set of photos where she posed with the rapper. They were spotted in matching winter coats. 600 Breezy's was arguably more eye-catching, as it featured the color red more prominently. His coat was also longer and featured black accents on the hood, shoulders, and pockets. The tattoo artist, on the other hand, rocked a similar jacket, except hers was shorter. She paired it with baggy pants, a tight crop top, and tan shoes.

This update has been liked over 178,000 times.

Fans can hope for more updates of Sky and 600 Breezy. So far, it looks like their relationship is going very wel.