Camila Mendes Shows Off Her Sexy 'Rick And Morty' Halloween Costume

Camila Mendes plays an iconic comic book character who has existed for over seven decades on The CW's Riverdale, but she decided to dress up like a more modern pop culture icon for Halloween this year.

On Sunday, Camila took to Instagram to show off her Halloween costume inspired by the popular Cartoon Network animated series, Rick and Morty. While many of the show's characters are male, there are a few interesting female characters on it as well. The female members of the show's cast include multiple different versions of Beth Smith and her daughter, Summer, undercover Galactic Federation agent Tammy Gueterman, the female Gazorpians, and the alien sex robot that Morty fathers a child with.

However, Camila Mendes opted to dress up like the show's most popular male character for Halloween: nihilistic super-scientist Rick Sanchez.

Instead of simply throwing on a white lab coat and a crazy wig, Camila decided to give the character the sexy Halloween costume treatment by wearing a light-blue crop top and short brown skirt underneath her stylish white topcoat. She also didn't sport a wild white wig with hair pointing in every direction like cartoon Rick's does. Instead, she wore a sleek blue wig cut into a bob shape with bangs.

To complete her costume, she carried a replica of Rick's portal gun, the gadget that allows him and his grandson, Morty, to quickly travel to different universes and dimensions.

Camila didn't carry any of Rick's beloved Szechuan sauce from McDonald's with her, but she did add his signature drool to her beauty look. However, she used green glitter on her face instead of a drool-like substance. In the caption of her post, she asked her fans to read it in Pickle Rick's voice.

Camila's costume was a hit with her Instagram followers, who rewarded her creativity with over 2 million likes. One of these likes came from Kelly Ripa, the wife of Camila's Riverdale co-star Mark Consuelos. The Gifted actress Jamie Chung offered to be the Morty to her Rick, and The Vampire Diaries actress Nina Dobrev responded to her post with a drool emoji before suggesting that Camila's costume was making her think something dirty.

"You know what I'm thinking," Nina wrote.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Nina Dobrev was another celebrity who rocked a costume that impressed some of her peers this year. However, the look that earned praise from Kaley Cuoco wasn't inspired by a cartoon character; Dobrev decided to channel the Chanel catwalk crasher.

While Camila Mendes' Rick Sanchez makeup job might look incredible, down to the sparkly drool on her chin, she recently told The Late Show host Stephen Colbert that she almost missed out on the role of Veronica on Riverdale because of her makeup.

As reported by Buzzfeed, she recalled being told she wasn't "glossy" enough for The CW by the show's casting director at her audition. However, she was given a chance to come back a few days later. A crash course in makeup with a friend helped her perfect her glossy Veronica look.

"My friend did my makeup and she made me look glowy, like I just came out of the womb," Camila said.