Sara Underwood Exposes Her Backside And Cleavage In Cheeky Bathing Suit

Summer still isn't over for Sara Underwood. The curvaceous Playboy model continues to delight her fans with sexy swimsuit snapshots well into fall, while her Instagram followers have one of her close friends to thank for Sara's latest pair of revealing pictures.

On Saturday, the stunning 35-year-old social media star took to Instagram to share two gorgeous beach photos with her fans. In the first picture, the ocean was a dazzling azure color, and an island mountain range is visible in the background. Fluffy white clouds were floating past the majestic natural wonders, slightly obscuring their tips from view. However, while the idyllic island location of the serene snapshot was certainly beautiful, most of Sara Underwood's Instagram followers were more entranced by her presence there.

In the photograph, the former Attack of the Show! host left a trail of deep footprints in the smooth sand. She was standing in the gently rolling waves, which were splashing her shapely legs. She was wearing a one-piece swimsuit featuring a colorful pattern of horizontal stripes in pink, orange, yellow, and blue. The bathing suit had a cheeky back that exposed quite a bit of her ample backside. Sara turned back toward the camera, and this movement put her in danger of suffering a wardrobe malfunction as she was flashing a lot of sideboob.

In her second snapshot, Sara Underwood was pictured sitting on a towel and away from the water. The blonde bombshell had one leg bent back behind her and the other leg bent in front of her while she was touching her neck with her right hand. Some strands of her short wavy hair were blowing in front of her face, but the straying locks did not seem to bother her as her expression was peaceful and relaxed.

The second photo also provided a much clearer view of the front of Sara's swimsuit, which had a deep V-neck that drew attention to her famous cleavage.

"I don't know which view is most beautiful," read one response to her photos.

"Perfect place, perfect Sara," wrote another admirer.

In the caption of her post, Sara Underwood revealed that the photos had been taken in Hawaii. Since her best friend was getting married there, Sara definitely did not complain about the choice of her wedding location.

The model has been doing a lot of traveling lately. Yesterday, The Inquisitr reported on the photos that she snapped during a trip to Bali. That batch of images also included quite a few stunning swimsuit shots that Sara's fans might want to check out.