Fitness Model Avital Cohen Shows Off Pert Posterior In Lime Green Bikini On Instagram, Fans Are Loving It

Avital Cohen Instagram

Israeli fitness model Avital Cohen turned up the heat on her Instagram on Friday when she uploaded a photo of herself rocking a lime green bikini that shows off her pert posterior.

In the photo, the brunette bombshell is kneeling down in a body of water while the camera is positioned behind her, giving her fans a clear view of her tanned derriere. Avital wears her brown hair in a high ponytail that’s thrown over her shoulder, and even though she’s looking down, viewers can see that she’s accentuated her eyes with dark liner and mascara.

Fans shared their appreciation for the photo in the comments section.

“Booty gains for sure,” one fan wrote.

“Beautiful princess,” another added.

“Every day you look like candy,” a third person commented.

“Damn…hard work sure pays off,” a fourth remarked.

This is hardly the first time that Avital has received comments like these under her Instagram posts. As The Inquisitr reported, she got similar feedback from her fans when she posted a photo of herself wearing a fiery hot mini dress while posed in front of a luxurious sports car.

Although Avital shares photos of her enviable physique on her Instagram almost daily, she confessed to sometimes having insecurities in the caption of her post.

“Some days I feel like I’ve hardly made progress. Other days I feel like a whole new person,” she wrote. “Being able to grow, to be stronger or transform our body is truly a gift. The process is long and requires patience and discipline BUT it is so worth it.”

For fans who have been following Avital for some time, her confession about feeling insecure sometimes may not come as a surprise.

Avital has previously revealed that she had struggled with an eating disorder when she was younger. In an Instagram post, she admitted that she was once afraid to eat because she thought that anything she consumed would make her fat. The photo is a composite shot of Avital when she was much thinner and she does indeed look much skinnier and less muscular than she does now.

Avital went on to add that her road to recovery began with addressing her mental health, which helped her to develop a more positive relationship with food. She also started working out at a gym which led her to build the body that has made her famous.

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???? My change 2018 Vs 2014, 42kg before and now 53kg, 16% fat???? PLEASE READ Lately I get a lot of messages from girls with the same question: did you always lived a fit healthy life... sorry to disappoint you girls but NO!! 4 years ago I had a severe eating disorder. I was afraid to eat because in my mind I was fat. Not that this is not ok but for ME it was a nightmare. I was never satisfied with my looks or my weight.. never happy with myself and quite often very hard and judgmental about my body . After dealing with my mental health I began to workout and to eat six little meals per day to adopt my body to EAT. I Struggled a lot since food was my enemy. It’s a journey I took and embraced in order to LIVE. Since then I’m a much happier person, positive, healthier and treat my body with the love it deserves. It’s so easy to DOWNGRADE yourself while BELIEVING in yourself may be the hardest thing ever but not impossible. I know that because I’ve been there and still struggle now and then when I feel I ate too much????our body hears everything our mind tells us. Use the struggles as a drive to work harder on your mind and body. Not just in being fit but in everything you do. It’s possible!! Now find your own reasons to better your life????I BELIEVE IN YOU????❤ #BodyPositive #Acceptance #WSHHfitness #Fitfam

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