Emily Ratajkowski Flaunts Washboard Abs While Standing Near A Toilet

Emily Ratajkowski tends to showcase glitzy shoots. The supermodel jets around the world on account of her high-profile career, with many a snap of Emily showing her on far-flung beaches. The 28-year-old is a little more low-key over on her Instagram, with a new image on the star's social media proving that she's willing to be photographed in an ordinary bathroom.

Emily's photo today showed her in a pared-down way, bar one feature: the star was holding a glass of champagne. The willowy brunette was standing in what may have been her own bathroom, with the camera snapping her from outside the doorway. EmRata was photographed full-length, with today's wardrobe definitely flaunting the model's rock-hard abs. The star was rocking an athleisurewear ensemble comprised of a tight, light gray crop top and darker jogging bottoms – space between the two items more than showcased Emily's enviable abs. EmRata appeared with her legs slightly apart and her feet outfitted in sneakers, with the model also smiling and looking at the camera. Her long brown hair was worn down and parted in the middle, and she appeared to keep the makeup to a minimum.

Fans may well have been focusing on the star's killer body, but the setting also offered something unusual, with the bathroom's toilet seen behind the model. A caption from Emily didn't refer to the room, but it did mention both the casual attire and the bubbly – with great fondness.

Much like fellow models Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, Emily seems to exude confidence. The star appears happy to showcase her flawless body in the tiniest of bikinis, although fans might be interested to learn that EmRata doesn't always feel she looks all that great.

"I have days when I literally cannot look in the mirror because I am sick of myself. I don't like how I look or I want to change certain things about myself. We are stuck inside one body, we can't see ourselves and we have no perspective on it," the model told Glamour last year.

The star's interview also mentioned social media – Emily has 24.4 million Instagram followers – as well as all things glam.

"Glam allows me to push a different persona every day and my Instagram is me taking a character and curating her life. I treat it like an art project, it's a different person every day," EmRata added.

Today's update wasn't exactly high-glam, but it definitely showed Emily's social media versatility.