Bikini Model Gabby Epstein Rides A Horse On The Beach In Nothing But A Thong Two-Piece

Gabby EpsteinInstagram

Gabby Epstein showcased her love for horses in her most recent social media photos, although her stunning physical assets really stole the spotlight in Tuesday’s quadruple Instagram update.

The photos revealed Gabby in her natural element — bikini-clad. The model flaunted her famous figure as she spent some time on the beach with the gorgeous animal. Epstein sported a golden sun-kissed glow as she rocked a pair of skimpy red-and-white thong string bikini bottoms. It wasn’t her electric blue suit, but it got the job done.

Gabby paired the sexy swimwear with an off-the-shoulder white crop top with billowing sleeves as she rode the horse on the sand. The ensemble put Epstein’s curvy booty, tiny waist, toned abs, and long, lean legs on full display as she looked absolutely stunning in the shots.

The bikini model wore her long, golden locks pulled back behind her head and braided down her back as the loose strands blew in the breeze. She also accessorized her look with multiple rings on her fingers.

Gabby’s makeup look was also on point as she donned defined eyebrows, long lashes, and pink blush on her cheeks before finishing off her gorgeous style with some dark pink lips and a shimmering highlighter on her face.

In the caption of the photo, Gabby came up with hilarious names for her horse and told her over 2 million followers that she just can’t seem to decide on a moniker for the adorable animal.

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Meanwhile, fans can see more of Gabby Epstein’s social media snaps by following the bikini model on her Instagram account, which she updates regularly.