‘Boy Meets World’ Star Maitland Ward Parades Around In Skintight Leopard-Print During Dinner Outing

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Maitland Ward has come a long way since her days on Boy Meets World. The actress is a total knockout who loves to get the pulses of her fans racing in skimpy little outfits. However, her most recent Instagram update had the sex symbol sporting slightly more clothing that her followers are used to seeing her in. As of late, the fiery redhead has been seen posing in her lace underwear while snapping a mirror selfie, so a fully-clothed snap was a big change.

The newest photo was seemingly taken during a dinner date and revealed Maitland sitting in a booth as she posed for the camera. Ward beamed a huge smile for whoever was snapping the shot while she tousled her red locks with her fingers.

Ward sported a flattering, albeit skintight, leopard-print turtleneck. The shirt stretched over Maitland’s ample assets and showcased her tiny waist and toned arms in the process. The former teen TV star paired the trendy top with some form-fitting denim jeans, which put her curvy hips on full display.

Maitland opted for a natural makeup look, sporting long lashes, pink blush on her cheeks, and a dark pink color on her lips for the photo. She also posted a video from the dinner to her Instagram story, where she’s seen tipping back her head and sucking down an oyster.

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Yes, it’s true...I’m really a ????

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In the years that have followed her stint on Boy Meets World, where she played the fan-favorite character of Rachel McGuire, Maitland has become a big presence on social media and in the Cosplay community.

Most recently, she’s made headlines for deciding to take her sexy images one step further and actually star in an adult entertainment film, which is titled Drive.

Ward opened up about her decision to move from sexy Cosplay and into the adult film industry, telling TMZ that her decision won’t ruin her acting career, but actually open doors for her.

“I’ve been opened up to so many more opportunities because I do this. I think I would be limited if I stuck in just a certain typecast situation. Now people think of me in a totally new way and are discovering me new. So, I want to bring more adult [actresses into the] mainstream,” she says.

As for her haters, Maitland claims she has no time for them.

“I am who I am. I am a sexual actress, person who just wants to show the world everything and I don’t care. It’s authentically me,” she added.

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