Demi Rose Dazzles In Tight Spandex Sports Bra In Sexy New Instagram Photo

Rebecca Cukier (old)

Demi Rose has delivered a new Instagram snap. The model and social media sensation took to the platform in her stories today for a quick selfie that seemed to showcase her fierce beauty, plus some sexy vibes as the 24-year-old pouted slightly for the camera. Demi's insane cleavage didn't feature prominently in this particular story, although the star's feed more than showcases those ample assets – Demi does have some fierce curves.

Demi's photo showed her looking dazzling. The star was rocking a bombshell look with wavy, luscious, and cascading hair. Her outfit, however, was a bit simpler. Demi appeared in a tight black sports bra, with hints of that famous cleavage visible. The star was captured up close as she held her smartphone, with the free hand raised above her head. Fans saw Demi's slender and toned upper body, although she seemed to want to showcase her beauty more than her curves. Nonetheless, it was a sexy snap.

Demi's face was likely taking her fans' breaths away. The model was fully made up, with perfectly applied foundation, blush, and bronzer accentuating her features. Defined brows, mascara, and what may have been a little eyeshadow completed the glam look, along with subtle, rosy-pink lips. Demi didn't offer any text in her story, but she did add a heart scribble, suggesting that she was sending fans love.