Ariel Winter Stuns In Tight Sports Bra & Yoga Pants With Zero Makeup

Gregg DeGuireGetty Images

Ariel Winter has been spotted makeup-free and looking absolutely stunning. The Modern Family actress might be a bit of a glam queen over on her Instagram, but this star’s fans know that she’s a natural beauty. Ariel was photographed in Los Angeles recently as she hit up an acting class, with the actress’s sexy curves proving as much of a headline-maker as her beautiful face.

Photos obtained by The Daily Mail showed Ariel in two sets of images. While the first saw the 21-year-old flaunting her curves in a white crop top with a high-waisted pair of jeans, a second batch of photos switched things up as Ariel rocked an athleisurewear wardrobe. The look seemed to fly the flag for Hollywood trends, with Ariel seen wearing a tight black sports bra paired with a likewise-tight pair of matching yoga pants. The star’s flat stomach and sculpted shoulders were on show; Ariel is known for having trimmed down this year.

Ariel also appeared completely makeup-free. The star was seen with her fresh-faced complexion glowing, plus her dark hair scraped into a messy bun. Things seemed to be busy for Ariel as she juggled her car keys and wallet, with the star also seen on the phone. While the finish was the opposite of what’s seen on the red carpet from Ariel, the star was looking as beautiful as ever.

Ariel has been making headlines for various reasons of late. The star is newly single following her split from former boyfriend Levi Meaden, although Ariel doesn’t seem to have been mentioning the ended relationship on her social media. Updates have been fitness-centric or career-related of late — the latter has been a talking point as Modern Family comes to an end.

Ariel has spoken about what is arguably the end of an era.

“I’m very lucky to have this job and to be employed, as a young actor in general or just as an actor. It’s really hard to continue to be employed but I’m employed with an amazing job and I work with amazing people that I love, that I’ve been working for ten years, so I would never not want to work with them. It’s an amazing job I’ve had for so many years and I would love to [keep going],” the star told Schon Magazine.

Ariel’s cute crop top and yoga pants pairing made an appearance on her social media following her acting class as the actress engaged in a workout. Fans wishing to see more of Ariel should follow her Instagram account.