Michael Jackson Reportedly Shot Down MC Hammer’s Dance-Off Challenge

Phil WalterGetty Images

American rapper MC Hammer recently spoke to AllHipHop for an interview that covered everything from his upcoming album Scars Over Bars, a new movie on his life, and his dance-off challenge to the late Michael Jackson.

According to Hammer, the King of Pop was the one that shot down the challenge.

“The whole thing was if I say I’m challenging Michael to a dance-off we might just see how much interest we can generate for this tour,” he said. “I said Michael you know who’s bad? Me and you, cause we gonna have all the, all the money.”

But ultimately, Jackson didn’t feel the battle was the right thing to do.

“Can I tell you got to tell you what Mike was telling me was? He said, ‘I like it Hammer, but it can’t be Hammer versus Michael. See, we can’t never be against each other.’ I say ‘you, right Mike, you right.'”

Hammer claims that his upcoming album, Scars Over Bars, will cover “current events,” including mental health.

The one thing Hammer didn’t touch on in the interview is the allegations leveled against Jackson following his death. In Leaving Neverland, Wade Robson and James Safechuck accuse the King of Pop of sexually abusing them as children. Despite Robson and Safechuck’s claims, Jackson’s supporters believe that the accusations were fabricated to profit off of the singer’s legacy following his death.

Matt Fiddes, Jackson’s former bodyguard, is one of the central figures in Michael Jackson: Chase the Truth, which seeks to discredit Dan Reed’s Leaving Neverland and the accusations within the film. Fiddes is one of Jackson’s most vocal defenders and claims that parents were always pushed their children on the late pop star and he was too nice to decline their company. He also claims that Jackson was not a pedophile and that the allegations that haunted him throughout his career were untrue.

As for why Jackson was known to have children stay in his room, Fiddes suggests that the habit stemmed from the comfort Jackson gained from the practice when he was young.

Others, such as Louis Theroux, are supportive of Reed’s film. Theroux said Reed “did a good job” and that he believes there are other people in similar situations as Robson and Safechuck that may one day get a chance to speak out. Theroux previously helped Jimmy Savile clean his public image after he faced allegations of sexual abuse, which later turned out to be true.