October 9, 2019
Paris Hilton Puts On Tight Leopard-Print Swimsuit & Fans Are Loving It

Paris Hilton has been keeping her 11.1 million Instagram fans updated with a series of new videos, including a couple where she rocked a leopard-print swimsuit. Prior to this, things got serious as she discussed her grandfather in a touching tribute. With that being said, her newest photos are more lighthearted.

The first update she shared was a video, which you can see on her Instagram page. It was set to the song, "Best Friend's A**," which Paris performed with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike.

Hilton was seen posing on a stairwell as she crouched close to the ground. She rocked an eye-catching swimsuit, which featured a leopard-print design. She flashed a series of coy looks at the camera while playing with her shoulders and head placement.

The stair banisters were luxurious and featured a floral design and a gold handrail. Hilton's swimsuit had a high cut in the back, so parts of her derriere were left exposed. She completed the look with a pair of dark heels.

Later on in the video, Paris was seen standing up, as she continued to strike various poses for the cameras. This time, she stood up and placed her hands on the stairwell and by her hair.

So far, the clip has been viewed over 732,000 times.

Since then, Paris also shared a second update. This was a still photo and showed her sitting in front of a wooden backdrop. She placed her right hand by her neck and rocked a high, large ponytail. The star's bodysuit had a low neckline and featured thick straps, its tight design hugging her curves.

Hilton's makeup included dark eyeliner on the lower lids, along with heavy mascara on her lashes. She also wore lipstick with a darker shade of lip liner. Paris also wore dark blush and accessorized with sparkling earrings.

This update received over 382,000 views. Fans left plenty of nice compliments for Paris in the comments section.

"I worship Paris Hilton," said a fan.

"Like a doll beautiful picture. From an aquarius to another," said another admirer.

Others seemed to be dedicated followers.

"My screen saver and iPhone back ground. Queen Paris," quipped one follower.

"Paris, will you pose for Playboy? Just ONCE? As a gift for every man on Earth?" asked another Instagram user.

"Queen invented youthfulness," said a fan.

It's true that Paris is looking as young as ever. She's currently 38-years-old and is busy working as a DJ and as an entrepreneur.

At any rate, it looks like Hilton is enjoying herself in the Beverly Hills, California, area right now, and fans can hope for more updates in the coming days.