Cuban Bombshell Aylen Alvarez Serves Up Mind-Blowing Curves In The Tiniest Of Gold Bikinis

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Aylen Alvarez has just put her mind-blowing curves on display once again. The Cuban bombshell — who has been featured in Playboy and Maxim — doesn’t update her social media all that often, although when she does, it’s a major treat for her followers. The star took to the platform earlier today with a sizzling shot of herself in a poolside setting, rocking a look that was definitely fit for the water.

Aylen’s photo showed her photographed in full length and standing on a sheltered terrace by a pool. The model appeared by herself, although, for Aylen’s fans, they’re probably not that interested in seeing anyone else. Today’s look proved just why this Latina is racking up the followers. Aylen flaunted her curves in a tiny and gold-colored bikini that was highlighted by a top that provided only minimal coverage. Fans got a good look at her underboob, the bikini’s spaghetti-strap design also allowing the model to flaunt her toned shoulders and overall torso.

As to the overall look, there was a chic touch that seemed to showcase Aylen’s ferocious curves despite how they were technically being covered up in parts. The brunette was rocking a sheer and net-like skirt over her bikini bottoms, the see-through fabrics doing wonders for a pair of legs already elongated by high heels.

Aylen posed for her photo with her long hair worn down, making a direct gaze that likely knocked her fans sideways.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Maxim has given this model some pretty high praise.

“Not only does this brunette beauty have the most incredible curves on the planet (with the exception of Russian stunner Anastasiya Kvitko, perhaps), but she’s also the best motivation we’ve had to make good on our New Year’s fitness resolution yet,” the magazine stated.

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The report did mention “Russian Kim Kardashian” Anastasiya Kvitko. While AK is arguably curvier than Aylen, the Cuban has an edge on the Russian. Kvitko seems to be more about the curves than the muscles, although she is known for being quite fit.

Today, meanwhile, offered an example of how Aylen earns her cash. The model has been serving as an influencer for Fashion Nova – the affordable clothing brand is known for collaborating with models across Instagram, although it equally does so with celebrities. Swimwear stars affiliated with the brand include models Abby Dowse and Sara Underwood, while major stars such as Cardi B have full-blown collections with Fashion Nova.

Aylen has 3.4 million Instagram followers. Fans wishing to see more of the star should follow her account.