'World's Sexiest DJ' Nata Lee Exposes Chest In Mesh Bra, Setting Instagram On Fire

Nata Lee has seems to have a knack for wowing her Instagram fans and she just it again. "World's Sexiest DJ" recently rocked a G-string and a completely see-through shirt on the platform. The Russian's love of all things sheer is back, with a fresh social media update landing on the star's account on Wednesday. Nata Lee may not have the world's biggest Instagram following, but this girl can rack up the likes in lighting speed – she definitely did today.

Nata Lee's photo showed her rocking a bra that seems to be a favorite – Nata Lee has already worn it on her social media, although the blonde does always seem to come up with new ways to pair her lingerie. For today, it seemed that Nata Lee was in the mood to rock unbuttoned Daisy Dukes.

The snap showed Nata Lee in her bedroom. The star was looking sensual and sexy as she posed on the floor. Her positioning showed a pair of toned and tan legs catching natural sunlight. Nata Lee was exposing a fair amount of herself with the mesh-netted bra fully showcasing her assets. The finish is a classy one with this star, though. The quality of the photography is likewise always impeccable.

Nata Lee posed for her sexy photo with one hand above her head, plus a deep and piercing stare.

Fans are losing their minds. Nata Lee's photo managed to rack up over 43,000 likes in under 30 minutes, with comments coming in quickly.

"Yo I'm trying to work," one fan jokingly said, implying that they were distracted.

"Gorgeous," another fan wrote.

"You're unbelievable you know?" another comment read.

Plenty more comments came in telling Nata Lee that she'd nailed her update, with fans appearing to be completely blown away. Replies also came in emoji form, including fire, heart, and alien emoji.Nata Lee updated her account from Paris, France. The Russian seems to have left her native country for Western Europe, although her Instagram showcases plenty of travels. Nata Lee also seems to have a professional photographer on-tap as she voyages, with snaps from her travels to Thailand appearing to have the same stunning and glossy finish that today's image afforded.

Nata Lee keeps information about herself to a minimum, but the star's fans don't seem to mind. Fans who wish to see more of Nata Lee and her European travels should follow her Instagram account.