Justin And Hailey Bieber Post Matching Instagram Updates To Celebrate Calvin Klein’s 50th Anniversary

Neilson Barnard/Theo WargoGetty Images

Hailey and Justin Bieber are really taking to married life. Just recently, the two starred together in Dan + Shay’s music video for their new song “10,000 hours,” a clip of which can be seen on Justin’s Instagram. But that’s not the only work the couple has done together. On Friday, both Hailey and Justin uploaded a new video to their respective Instagram accounts that celebrated the 50th anniversary of fashion label Calvin Klein.

The video serves as a launching point for the brand’s new campaign, showcasing Calvin Klein clothes throughout the last five decades.

The clip itself starts with the newlyweds sitting on a couch in their underwear together, watching the Apollo 11 launch on television — Calvin Klein launched in 1969, the same year humans first landed on the moon. Because the two are sitting down, their clothing isn’t completely visible.

The image then cuts to A$AP Rocky and Kendall Jenner in a limo heading to the iconic Studio 54 in New York City. The label has its roots in the city, and the video made sure to keep that New York vibe throughout. After the luxury of Studio 54, the images then showed the interior of a subway car, where cameos were made by Troye Sivan, Liu Wen, Parker Van Noord, and Rebecca Leigh Longendyke, as reported by People.

The video skips again to what looked like a photoshoot studio, where Justin was filmed solo — and in black-and-white. His fit physique was on full display, as the “Sorry” singer was shirtless, wearing Calvin Klein boxers and pajama pants. Justin’s numerous tattoos were also visible, as well as his rock-hard, sculpted abs. His short, blond hair was seemingly left in a natural state.

He then pulled his new wife, Hailey, into the frame, and the two continued dancing around. Hailey was wearing a white Calvin Klein tank top and sleep shorts that matched her husband’s pants. She sported subtle makeup and her blond hair was left free-flowing. The two were seen jumping around and having a fun time, but they also turned up the heat, sharing an intimate kiss while Hailey was lifted up into Justin’s arms.

The images then focused on A$AP and Kendall, who seemed to be lounging in an apartment together. Kendall took a selfie on an old-school flip phone, and then the video turned into a montage of the models posing with funny and sexy faces, ending with Justin and Hailey back on the couch from the beginning of the video, and a voiceover saying “We have liftoff,” in reference to the Apollo mission, but also to the fashion brand.

The music of the video served to move viewers through the various decades, with each new segment accompanied by a popular song from that era.

The video was posted to both Justin’s and Hailey’s Instagrams within hours of each other, and both posts proved incredibly popular with their fans. Hailey’s video has over 1.7 million views, and Justin’s has over 2.8 million. Both stars have received numerous comments on their respective posts, with celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and Hailey’s fellow model Mari Fonseca leaving positive comments on the uploads.

Calvin Klein’s new campaign also released still images of the couple modeling various pieces of the label’s Intimates collection, which also showed just how much heat the duo brought on set.

Fans wishing to keep up with both Justin and Hailey can follow their respective Instagram accounts.