Miss BumBum Suzy Cortez Shows Instagram Why She’s The ‘Champion’ In A Tiny String Bikini

Suzy CortezInstagram

Suzy Cortez has a lot to celebrate. The model and social media sensation earned her Miss BumBum status back in 2015, but recent Instagram activity from her seems to be showing that her winning streak has had an update. The bombshell has been posting photos and videos of herself from the Miss BumBum World 2019 competition with what looks like a new winner sash, appearing to confirm that the 2015-earned status has been maintained.

Suzy recently went completely bare-bootied, with a photo showing her rocking roller skates and knee-high socks with fun, pigtail hair. It’s back to the competition looks today, though.

She also posted a photo of herself on Instagram appearing to thank a fan for their “art.” Followers of the model’s account will recognize the yellow-and-green string bikini from her recent posts. The ultra-ripped star was seen flaunting her curves in the two-piece, with fans seeing just how much muscle Miss BumBum has. The photo showed the brunette’s hardcore abs and shapely thighs, with her cleavage also visible in the halter neck top. A crown on the model’s head added plenty of glitz to the overall look, with Suzy seeming very glamorous herself.

The bombshell was seen with her long brown hair cascading past her shoulders and makeup accentuating her attractive features. The caption confirmed Suzy’s “champion” status and it looked like she wanted to share the glory with her followers.

Suzy’s post seemed popular, with her fans quickly taking to the comments section to shower her with praise. Given Suzy’s South American location, most of the comments left on her posts are in Spanish and Portuguese.

While today’s photo didn’t show Suzy’s full outfit, a previous snap posted to her account did. In the full-length image, Suzy was seen rocking thigh-high boots with the Brazilian flag to match her eye-catching swimwear. Fans were better able to see the model’s ultra-strong legs in the other photo as well. While her sculpted legs are prominent in many of the uploads Suzy posts to her social media account, it’s her famous rear that seems to take center stage.

Suzy’s 2015 competition win wasn’t easy. She beat out 500 other contestants to earn her Miss BumBum crown. The model has since become a rising social media sensation, with her 2 million Instagram followers as proof of her popularity. Suzy regularly shows her followers how she maintains her iron physique, although the star seems equally happy to lounge poolside after a hard workout.

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