‘Miss Iron Bum’ Bakhar Nabieva Gives Fans A Super Up-Close Look At Her Namesake

Bakhar Nabieva flexes her muscles in an Instagram shot.
Bakhar Nabieva / Instagram

If you didn’t know how fitness model Bakhar Nabieva got the nickname “Miss Iron Bum,” just take a peek at her latest Instagram post.

The well-sculpted model took to Instagram on Friday to show fans one of the most up-close looks at her glistening backside ever offered on her feed, showing off her rock-hard posterior in a purple thong. The close-up shot focused solely on the part of Bakhar’s body that has made her famous, showing what appeared to be a post-workout glimpse of her rear.

The picture was a smash hit with her fans, attracting tens of thousands of likes and compliments from her followers across the globe.

“I love those buttocks too much,” one particularly blunt fan wrote.

“Why are you so perfect?” another added.

The Ukrainian model — by way of Azerbaijan — has amassed a huge following on social media thanks to her very revealing pictures and eye-popping muscles. Bakhar has also attracted attention from fitness websites and bodybuilding magazines, including a recent profile from the bodybuilding news outlet Generation Iron. The profile noted that the muscle-packing model wasn’t always so buff and actually admitted that she was once bullied for being too skinny when she was younger.

That may have been the best thing ever to happen to her career, as Bakhar was motivated to change her situation. At first, she was just winging it, but she soon learned the ins and outs of the gym.

“So rather than cry about her thin figure, Bakhar hit the gym. Hard. With no training regimen or real knowledge, Bakhar Nabieva went to work on building her legs along with the rest of her body,” the report noted. “But as we all know, it’s pretty hard to build your body without a proper training routine and diet plan. So Bakhar took the next logical step and started reading bodybuilding magazines as a means of helping her find the proper way to build up her thin frame.”

Bakhar Nabieca certainly isn’t shy about showing off the fruits of her labor. Her Instagram feed is filled with plenty of racy images of herself in the gym and flexing her muscles in skimpy attire. She frequently shows off her famous backside, the one that earned her the nickname “Miss Iron Bum” and has helped to draw more than 3 million followers to her page.


Those who want to see more from Bakhar Nabieva can check out her Instagram page.