‘World’s Sexiest DJ’ Nata Lee Exposes Chest In Mesh Bra That’s Completely See-Through

nata lee underwear selfie
Nata Lee / Instagram

Nata Lee, dubbed the “World’s Sexiest DJ,” is often seen in a steady stream of sexy Instagram updates. These are likely keeping her fans on their toes, due to their risqué nature. This included a recent update, where she looked like a Bond girl. It also doesn’t hurt that the photographer, Alexander Mavrin, posts plenty of photos of the model on his various Instagram pages.

One of these updates showed Nata in a very revealing outfit, as she left very little to the imagination. The outfit consisted of a mesh bra, which was completely see-through. This means that the photo is too revealing to share here, but you can check it out on one of Mavrin’s Instagram pages.

The DJ paired the top with low-rise denim jeans. The jeans were ripped throughout, as parts of her leg peeked through.

Lee was spotted leaning against a wall and placed her left arm on her head. She looked into the distance to her left and wore her hair down. Whatever makeup Nata wore was natural-looking. She kept things simple and didn’t wear any visible accessories. Her pose and ensemble allowed her to show off not just her exposed chest, but her toned midriff.

This update was liked over 77,000 times, and fans raved about the DJ’s good looks in the comments section.

“This is exactly how I stand when I get home and look out my door,” joked a fan.

“Definitely the hot chick,” commented another fan.

“They say there’s no such thing as perfect there wrong you are Natalee,” complimented a follower.

“How many ways to say You should be illegal!” exclaimed another follower.

“Beautifull but your clothings are full of holes, can I help you?” asked a fan.

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Since this update, Lee was spotted in a photo that was taken in Thailand. The Thailand photoshoot seemingly happened a while ago, while the newer updates appear to be from Paris, France.

At any rate, in this photo, Nata was more covered up, although her pose was arguably more revealing.


The model rocked a white swimsuit, which had a halter-like top. It was decorated with a belt-like fabric accent on her midriff, which was embellished with a gold belt buckle.

Nata sat on the edge of an infinity pool, as she propped up her left foot while placing her right leg into the water. She tilted her head to the right while closing her eyes. She parted her lips slightly and wore minimal makeup.

This update was liked over 32,000 likes.