Sarah Silverman Reveals Unusual Way To Wear Sheer Bra In Hairy Instagram Photo

Sarah Silverman delighted her Instagram followers with her innovate way to wear a see-through bra.

Sarah Silverman attends the HBO's Post Emmy Awards Reception
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Sarah Silverman delighted her Instagram followers with her innovate way to wear a see-through bra.

Comedian Sarah Silverman recently shared a close-up photo of her breasts on Instagram that received rave reviews from her fans, even though it wasn’t your run-of-the-mill sexy social media snapshot.

On Monday, the 48-year-old comedian took to the photo sharing site to post a snap of herself wearing a sheer bra with delicate lace details. Sarah’s photo likely would have violated the social media website’s nudity policy if she’d been wearing her lingerie normally, but she found a creative way to censor her nipples. Her long brunette locks just happened to be the perfect length to cover them up, but instead of simply arranging her hair over her breasts, she tucked some of it inside her bra. This created a dark swirl shape on the garment’s left cup.

Sarah did not reveal whether she stuffed her hair into the full coverage bra on purpose or if it just happened to end up there when she put the garment on. In her photo’s caption, she joked that her shiny tresses were “full coverage hair.”

Some of Sarah’s Instagram followers responded to her post by letting her know that they’re fans of her innovative new way to wear a bra and style her hair.

“Hot new trend,” wrote one of her Instagram followers.

“That bra hair swoops ever so gracefully,” another observed.

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Full coverage bra with full coverage hair

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“Ohhh how you make something that would be sexy into plain old funny! That’s @sarahkatesilverman for ya!!” read a third response to her post.

“Not sure what’s going on here, but I am sure that I love Sarah Silverman…”

One of her followers also jokingly referenced the “free the nipple” movement popularized by pop star Miley Cyrus by telling Sarah to “free the hair.”

Sarah has previously shown her support for the movement to make it acceptable for women to show off their completely bare breasts on social media. As reported by HelloGiggles, she criticized Instagram for removing a topless photo that she had shared with her followers earlier this year, complaining that her snapshot had been deemed too “obscene” for the social media platform.


Sarah has also been busy fighting for another form of freedom. The comedian recently spoke out against the “cancel culture” that she feels is too pervasive in Hollywood. She feels that people are overreacting to comedians’ past jokes about race and other sensitive topics, saying that she finds it “scary” that entertainers are being held accountable for past actions that some may find offensive. She has experienced this herself. She once lost a role in a movie over an old image in which she’s wearing blackface for a sketch on The Sarah Silverman Program.

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Luckily, Sarah hasn’t been completely canceled, and it’s unlikely that her hairy bra snapshot will lose her any gigs. In fact, things seem to be looking better than ever for the actress and comedian. She can now boast that she was nominated for an Emmy, and The Daily Mail reports that she’s currently filming a romantic comedy, Marry Me, with Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson.