Niece Waidhofer Tugs Bottoms Of Tight Latex Get-Up In Sultry Snap

Niece Waidhoferinstagram

Niece Waidhofer has a knack for getting attention. Her Instagram account is filled with titillating photos that generally cause a stir among her followers. As The Inquisitr reported in September, she got her fans buzzing when she posted a shot while wearing a dominatrix-inspired ensemble. On Tuesday, she excited her fans when she shared a snap in which she wore a black latex get-up that was so tight, it looked like it had to be poured onto her.

The selfie captured Niece lying on the floor snapping the photo from above her head as she wore a strapless latex top with a pair of matching bikini bottoms. The tight top highlighted Niece’s voluptuous chest and slender waist as the angle of the snap provided viewers with a nice shot of her cleavage. She tugged at the side of her bottoms with her thumb, adding a provocative vibe to the photo as part of a pelvic tattoo peeked out from behind. She also wore a latex garter of sorts that included a zipper, but the photo did not show all of her legs, making it impossible to see what she was wearing.

Niece wore a full face of makeup that included dark brows, smoky eyeshadow, thick lashes, and a nude color on her lips. Her long hair spilled out on the floor beneath her as she gave the camera a sultry look.

As she is known to do, Niece wrote an intriguing caption for the photo that alluded to a song from Veggie Tales. The post was a hit among her 1 million followers, garnering more than 19,000 likes within an hour of going live. Many of Niece’s fans began referencing songs from the animated series, while others seemed to be too distracted by the photo to think about Veggie Tales.

“Whenever you wear latex like this… the world stops and stares,” one admirer quipped.

“You are absolutely fantastic!!!” one follower told Niece, adding that she is “simply hilarious.”

One follower asked Niece if the outfit was breathable, and she told him it was not.

“No comment even necessary… your beauty speaks volumes,” yet another fan said.

One fan asked her to share more photos of herself in the outfit.

Niece doesn’t post every day, and when she is away from Instagram for too long, her followers miss her. Several fans said they were glad that she posted.

“Oh thank god it’s been like 4 days I thought you were dead!” one fan wrote.

Fans wanting to keep up with what Niece will share next can follow her Instagram account.