Lyna Perez Spills Out Of Wild Lingerie In A Store: ‘I Got Caught A Couple Times, But That’s All The Fun’

Lyna Perez takes a selfie
Lyna Perez / Instagram

Lyna Perez comes with curves as her trademark. The model and social media sensation is known for taking risks. A recent Instagram post showing Lyna in a barely-there outfit came with a full admission that she’d been “kicked out” of a shopping center for wearing too little clothing. Then again, this is a model who recently rocked a fully see-through top to ask Instagram if it was “distracted,” as The Inquisitr recently reported.

Lyna’s recent social media activity has taken her down the shopping route. The brunette took to her Instagram stories to share that she was hitting up lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret, with a selfie video showing Lyna say that it was time to grab some new underwear.

It looks like Lyna took the idea onboard, with a story showing her shopping for sexy lingerie posted shortly after the announced plans. Lyna’s video showed her in what may have been a dressing room, although the model didn’t clarify it. She was, however, shopping for new looks, with the video seeing the model up the ante by shaking her booty in an ensemble that was definitely NSFW. Lyna was seen in a black lacy bra with matching panties and panel details – the set almost formed a mono look with strapping and bands. With a thong finish to the underwear and the camera taking in Perez from behind, this was definitely showing the model’s adult side. Some text accompanied Lyna’s story.

“I got caught a couple times, but that’s all the fun,” Lyna wrote.

Lyna seems adored regardless of where she is – or what she’s doing. As to the ways in which Lyna is seen on social media, it does seem that the model offers two very different delivery methods. Permanent posts landing on the model’s Instagram feed mostly see Lyna professionally photographed, with a glossy finish and scenic settings very much following Instagram’s adored trends.


Then again, over on the model’s stories, it’s more of a DIY deal. Lyna will take to her stories with sexy selfies and more detail about her life as the model isn’t one to share a massive amount about herself via her permanent posts. That said, fans have gotten an insight into Lyna’s appetite, plus her travels, with the star appearing at Coachella earlier this year. Of course, that appearance came with a wild “Hoechella” video that saw Lyna’s sense of humor come right out.

Lyna does remain best known for her bikini updates, though. The eye-popping curves underneath them have earned the model an impressive following of 4.1 million followers. Fans wishing to see more of Lyna should follow her Instagram.