Aubrey O'Day Claims American Airlines Flight Attendant Forced Her To Remove Her Shirt

A recent flight on American Airlines left singer and reality TV star Aubrey O'Day wishing she'd flown Jet Blue. The Dumblonde singer, who currently stars on MTV's Ex On The Beach, took to Twitter to let her followers know about an incident that she says left her feeling disturbed.

The "White Hot Lies" singer explained that a flight attendant made her take her shirt off and turn it inside out in front of everyone on the plane.

"Never have I flown & had the steward treat me like a punished lil [sic] child in timeout the entire flight... including making me undress in front of the entire plane because he didn't like my shirt & made me turn inside out in order to fly."
O'Day went on to give the man's name, and she told American Airlines that he needed to be fired. Several people responded to her initial tweet, explaining her experience. Some people wondered if the flight attendant was a pervert, but the Danity Kane singer said it seemed more like he hated her and didn't handle his feelings well. One person expressed outrage that the singer would be made to disrobe in front of everybody.

"Yeah. I was SHOCKED. I literally had to have my breasts in a bra out in front of everyone around me in order to not get kicked off. The girl next to me held up her blanket cuz she felt bad," O'Day responded.

Several other Twitter users questioned O'Day's account of the situation. They wondered what her shirt looked like, as well as why she would change in front of the plane instead of going to the bathroom or somewhere else more private to comply with the flight attendant's request.

Although several people asked for a picture or more information about the shirt, the TV personality did not supply any more details about her attire during the situation.

The airline also reached out to the former contestant on The Celebrity Apprentice, but she replied to let them know that she gave them the man's name and had no interest in discussing the incident further. Then she zinged them by including that she regretted choosing American Airlines and wished she'd flown with Jet Blue instead.

Earlier today, O'Day posed an advertisement for Fashion Nova. She lounged in an interesting bare shoulder long-sleeved black bodysuit that only had one leg. Her fans on Instagram quickly hit the "like" button, with nearly 50,000 of them taking a moment to appreciate the picture.

The Inquisitr recently reported that the singer hung out on a hammock in white satin shorts and match bra top.