Venus Williams Flaunts Killer Legs In Tight, Thigh-Skimming Minidress

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Venus Williams’ legs are something else. For all the stars out there who spend hours applying products alongside working hard to get the right lighting, they’ve got competition. That person can be called a muscle machine and her name is Venus Williams. The tennis superstar has posted an Instagram update on September 26 that reminds fans just how great the 39-year-old looks in a minidress.

Venus’ photo did not include a fancy getup. The star was photographed leaning against a colorful wall while wearing a sporty and upbeat wardrobe to match the backdrop. Venus appeared in a thigh-skimming, multi-colored minidress featuring a color block in white along the lower part of her ensemble while patterned motifs were featured at the top of that section. The leg-flashing number was relatively tight below the waist while higher up, she rocked a top that featured a jacket finish in dark blues. Nonetheless, the look was skimpy enough for the star’s legs to be on full show, with fans seeing a toned pair of pins harnessing a serious amount of muscle.

Serena hadn’t added much in terms of accessories to her outfit, although she was wearing a white headband and a pair of white sneakers. The star posed for her photo while looking to the side while one hand was placed on her waist. Her folded leg allowed one foot to rest on the background wall.

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Venus may be a veteran at her spot, but interest in this star has not faded. Venus maintains a super-fit body that gets noticed. Then again, so does sister Serena’s body, with The Inquisitr recently reporting about the 37-year-old making headlines for rocking a snakeskin swimsuit.

Much like sister Serena, Venus is a fitness icon. While years on the court do not exactly make figuring out why Venus looks so good to be any kind of rocket science, fans are interested in exactly what she does.

Speaking to Byrdie, Venus revealed how working out makes her feel.

“Strength training gives me confidence. There’s this feeling when you crush a workout—it’s empowering and you feel like you can take on the world. Picking a favorite workout is tough because I love switching it up — no two days of workouts a week are the same for me. I love plyometrics and planks,” she said.

Meanwhile, a less active focus is appreciate by the star.

“Wellness to me means staying in-tune with my body and my mind. I feel my best when I am my best, and vice-versa. I’m very mindful and in touch with myself to ensure I’m living ‘well,'” Venus stated.