Bulgarian Bombshell Yanita Yancheva Flaunts Killer Abs In Crop Top & Undies

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Yanita Yancheva sent temperatures soaring on Instagram Tuesday when she updated her account with a photo that showcased her incredible, rock-hard abs — along with the rest of her amazing figure.

In the post, Yanita sat on what appeared to be a rock sidewalk. She wore a colorful crop top that was knotted just below her breasts, drawing attention to her chest while giving her followers a peek of underboob. She paired the top with a pair of high-cut panties. The beauty leaned back on both arms and turned her face to the sun.

The snap captured Yanita from her thighs up, and the pose put the beauty’s incredible physique on display. Her chiseled abs stole the show as her bronze skin glistened in the sun. The roundness of her hips was also on display in the photo. Part of a tattoo on her pelvic bone peeked out from behind Yanita’s underwear, giving off a sexy vibe.

The beauty’s fans were impressed with the shot. Many couldn’t help but comment on the fitness model’s abs. But others were blown away with how incredible the stunner looked.

“So hot!! So sexy!!” one follower wrote.

“Wow, very sexy body,” said another admirer.

In an interview with Simply Shredded magazine, Yanita explained how she happened to make fitness an important part of her life. She said it was the result of being a contestant on the television show Survivor Bulgaria. She explained that after being on an island for 52 days, her weight dropped to 80 pounds.

“When I returned home, I decided that fitness and proper nutrition would help me reclaim my body and get me back into shape,” she said adding that in the process she got hooked on training and hasn’t stopped since.

The result of her hard work certainly shows on her Instagram page, which is filled with snaps that show off her fabulous body. As The Inquisitr reported, Yanita recently flaunted her curves wearing a tight crop top. Bikinis are also a favorite of the blond beauty.

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Yanita said the secret to her world-famous booty was doing a lot of squats.

“Squats and deadlifts are my two favorite exercises. I like incorporating different types of lunges and jumps; I feel these are essential,” she said.

She also said that the most important thing anyone could do to get an incredible booty was to do exercises that isolate the muscles.

Yanita’s boyfriend, Tavi Castro, also likes to work out. The couple shares a daughter.

Fans wanting to keep up with Yanita can follow her Instagram account.