Alexis Ren Nearly Falls Out Of A Small Tank Top

Alexis Ren wears a blue dress.
Araya Diaz / Getty Images

Alexis Ren has been keeping her 13.2 million Instagram fans engaged with a series of new photos every few days. And today was a lucky day for her fans, as she shared a post which saw her rocking a small tank top.

Ren was spotted indoors as she smiled widely, wearing a white tank top with thin straps. She tied a string in the front into a bow, her chest nearly falling out of the tiny top. She appeared to be wearing a pair of denim pants or shorts while sitting on a light-blue chair, one that she leaned against for the shot.

Alexis wore her hair down in a slightly off-center part and wore pink lipstick. She also accessorized with a small, gold necklace bearing an upside-down triangular charm.

The photo is proving to be very popular, as it’s received over 300,000 likes within an hour of having been posted.

Fans gushed about Alexis’ new photo in the comment section.

“Have missed seeing that infectious smile Alexis,” said a fan.

This fan had a point, as Alexis’ most recent updates all showed her smiling with her lips closed. This included her second-newest post, where she rocked a leather outfit.

Others referred to Ren’s captions.

“I love u so much. ur so genuine and kind, and i just love how ur so chill and relax. ur amazing :),” said a fan.

“Ive been struggling w that for so long! This caption’s realll lady!!” exclaimed another Instagram user.

But that wasn’t all, as her followers kept the compliments coming.

“Howww are you one of the most beautiful human beings i’ve ever seen,” gushed another admirer.

At least one dedicated fan seemed to be keeping a good eye on the model’s Instagram stories, referring to a previous post in their comment.


“How’s your breath workshop going?” they asked.

While Alexis may share new Instagram posts on a daily basis, she also usually has an active story or two. Right now, her stories reveal a funny string of texts between herself and friends, as they planned an outing together in Malibu.

Ren followed this activity up with a selfie video of herself, one which she captioned, “Homeee.” Behind her, a large couch and industrial-style lighting could be seen. The model sat on the ground, sporting a long sports bra and leggings.

Later on, Alexis posted a video of herself and two girlfriends spending time together at the beach, seemingly enjoying some food. One of her friends flashed the peace sign once they realized they were being filmed.

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