Lyna Perez Pulls Down Tiny Bikini Bottom So Small It Hardly Matters

Lyna PerezInstagram

Lyna Perez seems to like to test the boundaries of Instagram’s obscenity rules. She has done that this week in spades, including on Wednesday when she purposefully lifted up her plaid skirt to reveal her enviable booty. By doing so, the bikini model was “kicked out of the mall” in which a photographer was shooting her provocative shot, per The Inquisitr.

Meanwhile, Thursday’s Instagram upload from Lyna put the focus on her extremely skimpy bikini bottom. She was wearing a neon pink number that was held on by gold elastic strands. She tugged at one of the strands during her dangerous pose, pulling the lower part of the garment — which resembled a tiny loincloth — so low that her barely there bottoms were pulled down and away from her mostly nude body.

The top of Lyna’s suit was held together by a tiny string that appeared ready to break at any minute. Nearly all of the aspects of her large breasts were in evidence, including her massive cleavage, underboob, and sideboob, too.

For the shot, she rocked a full face of makeup, including dark brows, liner tracing the inside of her eyes, and a peachy lipstick that complemented her super small bikini.

In her caption, the Playboy model said that she had dyed her hair in a lighter hue than she previously rocked. In a comparison between yesterday’s Instagram share and today’s upload, that change was evident. On September 19, she had her long locks parted down the middle, with many strands spiraling down and around one of her breasts.

As for the color of her hair? A look at the luscious locks indicated that the dye had created a two-toned effect. This was as opposed to her September 18 upload in which her strands were mostly brunette — save for the tips which were partially blond.

In today’s share, the gorgeous 26-year-old asked her 4.1 million followers if she should lighten her hair even more than she already did. The answers came in fast and furious within less than an hour of hitting Instagram. Many fans gave their thoughts on her hair color, while others talked about the woman whose hair was up for discussion.

“You found a perfect tone of hair, don’t dye it lighter, that’s perfect for you,” stated one follower, who added two heart-faced emoji.

“This color looks perfect. It was a little too dark before…just sayin’,” remarked a second fan, who commented further via a peace hashtag and a wink-eyed emoji.

“I forgot you have hair,” joked a fan, who added a crying-laughing emoji and two heart-eye emoji, and who was probably not accustomed to looking at what is on top of her head.

“I prefer the drapes to match the carpet….so, bald I guess!!” remarked another fan, who was obviously speaking with his tongue firmly planted in his cheek.

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