Farrah Abraham’s Daughter, Sophia, Sparks Slavery Comments In ‘Pony Cycle’ Video, Creeping Instagram Out

Theo WargoGetty Images

Farrah Abraham’s daughter, Sophia, has social media worried again. The 10-year-old child to the former Teen Mom OG star frequently attracts negative remarks, with many fans appearing genuinely concerned that Sophia does not lead a normal life. Most fans are not necessarily concerned about Sophia’s status as a celebrity child – rather, they seem taken aback by the extent to which Sophia appears in promotional social media content. Compared to other celeb kids, Sophia does seem to engage in quite a lot of it.

A new video of Sophia doing just this appeared today on her Instagram account. Sophia may draw criticism – in a proxy method, with Farrah being slammed – but this child is popular, with 739,000 Instagram followers.

The recent video posted to Sophia’s account showed her giving shoutouts to her online subscribers, with “winners” being congratulated, as she suggested in her caption. Sophia herself appeared near a laptop and stylishly clad in a white top. Fans will likely have noticed that Sophia was wearing quite a lot of makeup. PonyCycle was also tagged and mentioned in the video.

Since the clip was posted, fans have been commenting. While positive remarks did come in, with some fans finding both the video and Sophia herself to be cute, an alarming number of users appeared somewhat horrified. Also notable was the number of users appearing to feel that Sophia has now reached somewhat of a slave level – fans seemed to be thinking that Sophia is being ordered around by Farrah.

“Mommy dearest’s little indentured servant, sad she’s using her own daughter in an attempt to make herself moneyn and fame. Ew,” one user wrote.

“I’m sure Sophia doesn’t see any of these comments cause she’s too busy working. It’s sad that a child is working because of her mother still wants [sic] her 15 minutes of fame,” someone else wrote, seemingly echoing the above sentiment.

One fan appeared to open their comment with a reference to the amount of makeup Sophia was wearing, although they, too, seemed to think that Sophia’s activities were abnormal.

“Stop putting her on social media and doing all these “chores”,” they wrote, before adding that at the age of 10, Sophia should be engaged in age-appropriate activities.

Many other remarks came in appearing to see users horrified, although the negativity didn’t seem geared towards Sophia. As The Inquisitr has previously reported, Farrah has been slammed for many aspects of Sophia’s life, including permitting her daughter to wear black latex pants during New York Fashion Week.

Farrah shot to fame on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant before becoming a core member of Teen Mom OG. The star, however, left the franchise earlier this year. Fans wishing to see more of Farrah and Sophia should follow their Instagram accounts.