Kelly Ripa Drives Instagram Wild Lying Covered In Bread Loaves With No Pants

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

Kelly Ripa is driving Instagram wild. The Live! with Kelly and Ryan host never seems to run out of ways to keep social media on its toes. While epic throwbacks on the 48-year-old’s own Instagram are her trademark, today Kelly appeared on the platform in an up-to-date, but very unusual way. Live! with Kelly and Ryan has reposted an image of Kelly from Live Bread Club, and it looks like Kelly and bakery goods make for the perfect pairing.

The photo showed Kelly lying on her back and immersed in a sea of bread loaves that seemed to include every variety under the sun. Fans saw everything from small, individual rolls and poppy seed-covered loaves to Challah bread and giant pretzels. Kelly herself appeared partly covered by the various breads, although a fair amount of the star’s super-fit body was on show. The blonde was wearing a strappy red tank top, but a lack of pants afforded a fantastic view of her slim and gym-honed legs. Kelly looked sensational as she posed for a photo shot from above, with bright red lips matching her top. A simple necklace and earrings accessorized the look, but the aim didn’t seem to be a fashion statement.

An amusing caption offered fans a play on words, but it definitely included all the food seen in the image.

Instagram is going nuts. Fan comments quickly poured in, and something about them suggested that viewers were in the mood to play on words today.

“Rolling in dough,” one fan wrote.

“Ooh pass the butter” was another comment.

“I have bread and gone to heaven You look great…not trying to butter you up” was another clever remark.

“Look at those buns! Love you guys,” one fan told the star.

Plenty more bread-centric comments came in, although fans did also express how beautiful they thought Kelly looked. The post itself also proved popular overall, racking up over 9,100 likes and bringing in over 410 comments. This star may be approaching 50, but her appeal hasn’t gone anywhere.

Today’s image of Kelly definitely contrasts ones seen on the star’s own Instagram of late. As The Inquisitr reports, Kelly wowed her fans less than a week ago with a series of photos showing her makeup-free at the U.S.-Mexico border. The star had traveled from her New York City base to deliver some community service, with fans largely appearing moved by the whole affair.

Today was less about the political tensions and more about the bread fun, though. Fans wishing to see more of Kelly should follow her Instagram account.