September 14, 2019
'Shameless' Season 10 Official Premiere Date Gets Pushed Back

Fans of Showtime's Shameless will have to wait an extra week before getting to watch Season 10 as the network has just announced a new premiere date, according to a report from Deadline.

In a tweet from the show's verified Twitter account, it was announced that Season 10 of Shameless will now premiere on Sunday, November 10. The tweet also featured the official trailer for the upcoming season, and it looks like there will be no shortage of drama for the Gallaghers.

The comedy-drama series is an adaptation of a British series of the same name. It follows a dysfunctional family, the Gallaghers, as they try to survive while living in a poor neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago. The family is headed by Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy) — a drunk who has abandoned his six children, and the series also stars Lip (Jeremy Allen White), Ian (Cameron Monaghan), Debbie (Emma Kenney), Carl (Ethan Cutkosky), and Liam (Christian Isaiah). Emmy Rossum previously played eldest sister Fiona in the series' first nine seasons.

During earlier seasons, viewers watched as Fiona assumed the role of the responsible mother figure to keep her siblings together, but by the end of Season 9, things changed, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

While dealing with a series of unfortunate events, Fiona found herself dependent on drugs, sex, and alcohol to cope with her new reality. Her addictions eventually caused her to start neglecting her responsibilities, which ultimately led to her having constant arguments with her siblings. After hitting rock bottom, Fiona made the decision to leave Chicago to work on herself and her sobriety. The new direction for the character was likely inspired by Rossum's decision to leave the hit series.

In the Season 10 trailer, it looks like little sister Debbie has taken over the responsibly of running the Gallaghers household, but she has also made it clear she'll be doing things a bit differently.

The trailer also shows returning actor Monaghan and his onscreen boyfriend Mickey, played by Noel Fisher. Throughout the series, the pair have had a tumultuous relationship and by the end of Season 9, it was revealed that the duo would be spending a lot of time together while sharing the same cell in prison. However, it looks like the couple's honeymoon period was short-lived, as Ian is heard asking Mickey for time apart.

"It turns out that living in cramped quarters without much break from one another is not necessarily all that conducive to a healthy relationship," Fisher previously told Entertainment Weekly.

"It's basically living together in the worst studio apartment you can possibly imagine."
"They're in a challenging place and trying to work through their issues. Now, the way that people work through their issues on Shameless tends to be pretty volatile. I won't exactly say how they work on solving them, but I will say it involves shivs and stabbings," Monaghan added.

As for the other Gallagher siblings, fans can expect to see Lip adjusting to being a new father while Carl struggles to stay out of trouble at school.

The new season of Shameless is scheduled to premiere on Sunday, November 10, but fans of the show can revisit Season 9 on Netflix, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.