February 16, 2021
Taylor Lynn Tatum Drops Jaws, Feeling 'Spicy' In Red Lingerie

Taylor Lynn Tatum is used to getting hearts pumping -- both with caffeine-laden drinks and her killer body. Now, the brunette beauty has done it again after posting an absolutely sizzling picture in which she wore a jaw-dropping lingerie set in a red she named her "spicy color."

The buxom barista first shot to fame working at Bottoms Up Espresso. The California-based coffee chain was known to lure in customers with promises of scantily clad baristas in addition to their morning cups of Joe. Though the java joint has since been closed, Taylor Lynn's Instagram fandom has remained, and she currently boasts nearly 90,000 followers.

The number is only bound to keep growing with the number of sizzling shots that Taylor Lynn keeps posting, such as a post where she modeled an unbuttoned shirt, per The Inquisitr.

In her most recent post, she uploaded two pictures of herself laying in bed while wearing her spicy red lingerie.

Resting on her stomach and surrounded by a cozy white blanket, Taylor Lynn first looked shyly down at the bed before giving the camera a seductive glance in the second picture. Though most of her lace bra top was obscured by blankets, a little bit of lace was seen hugging the curves of her cleavage. It also left her upper arm tattoos in full view.

Catching even greater attention, however, were her panties. They included a red lace thong decorated with several straps that criss-crossed her pert posterior.

The upload earned over 1,500 likes and around 25 comments within hours of posting.

"Every color is your spicy color," joked a fan, with a fire and heart-eye emoji.

"And spicy you are!" returned a second.

"FIRE!" enthusiastically concluded a third, with a fire emoji as well as prayer hands.

Though red might be Taylor Lynn's spicy color, she admitted in a post from last week that green was still her favorite. In a picture from the same bedroom, the buxom barista wore a neon green lace bra to honor the confession.

In the picture, Taylor Lynn teasingly leaned forward onto the bed while smoldering at the camera. For attire, she sported a neon green lace bra with bright pink strap accents. Completing the outfit was a pair of faded Daisy Dukes, which were sexily left unbuttoned.

The picture earned nearly 1,650 likes and 25 glowing comments.

"That's a pretty good argument for green being a favorite color," joked a user.

"Perfection," added a second.

"SO beautiful!" concluded a third, with a red rose emoji.