September 12, 2019
Miley Cyrus' 19-Year-Old Sister Noah Films Herself In Black Bra & Tight Yoga Pants, Zooms In On Her Butt

Noah Cyrus is back in the news. The 19-year-old sister to SHE IS COMING singer Miley Cyrus might have a way to go in terms of reaching fame on her sibling's level, but this rising music star is getting noticed. Noah recently released her track, "July," with fans appearing to love the beats. Likewise on the up for Noah is her Instagram following; the singer has 5.1 million individuals subscribing to her updates.

With permanent posts from Noah proving popular, her fanbase is likely paying attention to her Instagram stories. Of course, there's a downside to the platform's story technology; it only remains live for 24 hours.

Earlier today, Noah took to her stories for a little selfie action. The star showcased her super-fit body, plus reminded fans that her career also includes a little social media influencing. Noah was modeling some athleisurewear merchandise from cannabis brand LA Kush. The star didn't appear with the main products from the brand, but she was wearing some items from the label.

The video showed Noah clad in a black bra with a skintight pair of yoga pants. While fans didn't see Noah's beautiful face, they definitely saw her trim body. The singer had filmed herself from various angles, although she did briefly get cheeky with a zoom-in of her peachy rear. A confirmation in text from Noah stated that she only trains using LA Kush's products.

Noah seems to use social media in different ways. Promotional posts for the singer's newly-released music have delivered stunning shots of Noah in denim, with a country feel to the outdoor snaps affording an attractive finish. There's also a more fun-loving and playful side to Noah. As The Inquisitr recently reported, the singer updated her account with a bag of Doritos, purely for the love of the popular snack.There is, however, a more serious side to Noah's Instagram posts. An Instagram update made at the end of last month saw the star open up about the battles she faces, as she reached out to others.
"It's hard for me to accept myself as i am. it's hard for me to love who i see back in the mirror. there i said it! i have insecurities. i struggle with self-love. it's the hardest thing for me to do. but i am growing and i am TRYING to get better - THIS IS MY FACE. THIS IS MY BODY. AND I WILL LOVE IT!!! - although you may feel lonely if you're going through these struggles... and as do i... YOU ARE NOT ALONE (also this wasn't a post for compliments about me. this post was for the people with the same struggles)"
Fans wishing to see more of Noah should follow her Instagram.