'World's Sexiest Nurse' Lauren Drain Almost Spills Out Of Her Teeny Red Bikini

Lauren Drain has pretty much brought Instagram to its knees with an incredible new post that showcases her killer body in a teeny red bikini. In fact, the bikini is so small that her nipple is just centimeters from the edge of fabric.

The buxom blonde is no stranger to posting sultry shots of herself, and earned the title of the "World's Sexiest Nurse" after fans discovered her stunning account. Though Lauren worked as a registered nurse for around nine years, she has since quit to focus on her passion of fitness and personal training.

It's clear to see that exercise is a passion of the Los Angeles transplant. The upload features a short clip of the stunner showing off her body, and one of the first things the camera focuses on is her incredible washboard abs. As Lauren fiddles with her long blonde hair, which are styled into beachy bombshell curls, she shifts her angle. This allows the camera to see her amazingly ample posterior. Lauren then shifts back and forth to further showcase her derriere, as well as her hourglass figure in general.

In her caption, she advertised her services as a personal trainer, and no doubt some were certainly inspired by her fantastic body.

The upload earned over 22,000 likes and around 225 comments, generally gushing about the fantastic shape of the former RN.

"You have the most beautiful body in the world, now and forever in any given time," gushed a besotted fan.

"You are absolutely gorgeous," added another, with the fire emoji.

"Goddess in the Mirror," concluded a third.

Though fans loved the Tuesday treat, it was actually a throwback shot from months earlier. Lauren's body now looks very different -- as she is currently expecting her first child with her husband.

Nonetheless, the blonde beauty continues to post pictures of her killer body and has expressed her excitement about bouncing back after her baby.

Lauren has said that her passion for fitness began when she decided that her demanding job as a nurse was not an excuse to neglect her health. Her Instagram fame has simply helped her turn her passion into a full time job.

In addition to showcasing sexy snaps of herself, Lauren also posts progress pictures of clients from her personal training regime. It is a method used by many other Instagram fitness celebrities, such as Ainsley Rodriguez.

As covered by The Inquisitr, brunette bombshell Ainsley recently wowed Instagram herself with a video of herself doing sexy hip thrusts -- all while in a skimpy blue bikini.