Bikini Queen Julia Rose Blows Instagram's Mind In Pink Swimsuit That Looks Like It's Painted On

Julia Rose has delivered a particularly eye-catching Instagram update. The model and social media sensation has something of an unofficial status as the platform's bikini queen, although today has seen the star switch out her usual two-piece. Julia's most recent swimwear update appeared to include an unusual and artsy edge via a unique printed design.

Julia's photo showed her seated indoors. A helpful Los Angeles, California geo-tag placed the model out West, although Julia didn't confirm whose home she was in. The brunette was seen with slightly lighter locks than she's previously rocked, although eyes were likely on Julia's killer swimsuit. Julia was sitting down and showcasing her great physique in a pink metallic one-piece that appeared almost painted on. It also boasted features that directly suggested a paintwork effect. The swimsuit's front had artistic splashes of purple on it, with a finish that appeared to be replicating a body that wasn't exactly feminine. With its printed "hairy" chest and torso, her swimsuit had a masculine vibe very different from her own.

Julia posed for her photo with her left hand appearing to pull at the swimsuit's lower half, with a downwards gaze that suggested she might be up to something. Of course, Julia's look was complemented by pink eyeshadow to match her swimwear, although the model appeared to have opted out of any additional flourishes.

Instagram seems to have had its mind blown.

"This is amazing!!" one fan wrote with two alien emoji.

"OOF" another added with a fire emoji.

"Love u" came from fellow model and friend Valentina Fradegrada.

Plenty of other wowed fans took to the comments section, although a fair few seemed to have wished that Julia had appeared sans swimsuit. Julia may rock bikinis in many of her updates, but her role as a swimwear face competes with her reputation for going topless. Confidence is, indeed, this beauty's domain.

As to clothing that looks like it's painted on, that seems to be the latest Instagram trend. As The Inquisitr recently reported, Swedish model Anna Nystrom has rocked pants that have generated the same effect.

Julia's update proved hugely popular: it currently sits at over 245,000 likes. A like was left by fellow model and Bang Energy face Hannah Palmer.

Julia has 2.4 million Instagram followers. The star often appears in group photos with other models – snaps of her with Fradegrada are fairly commonplace, although Julia's circle of friends seems to include other beauties. Of course, Julia can always be spotted in the crowd by virtue of her trademark stuck-out tongue.

Fans wishing to see more of Julia should check out her Instagram.