September 11, 2019
Demi Rose Bursts Out Of White Bra To Mark 10 Million Instagram Followers

Demi Rose has reached a major milestone. The British model has officially hit 10 million followers on Instagram. On a competitive platform overflowing with swimwear and lingerie faces, making the cut is no picnic. Demi seems to have the world's most solid following, though, with her latest update out to both thank her followers and acknowledge that their numbers stand at the significant 10-million figure.

Earlier today, Demi updated her account. The model hadn't opted for one of her full-length and outdoor bikini snaps. Rather, Demi seemed to have channeled a more professional and artsy photo. The 24-year old had been photographed in black-and-white, with a sensual, feminine, and ultimately very sexy finish that ticked boxes for showcasing the model's curves and her class.

Demi appeared photographed from the waist up. The brunette was flaunting her ample cleavage via a lacy white bra with a very dangerous neckline – then again, handling them like a pro is this girl's domain. Somewhat-spilling as the cleavage display was, it didn't afford a provocative finish. Demi was seen looking right into the camera with an almost-longing expression, with her effortless beauty making just as much of an impression as her fierce curves. The star appeared with loose brown strands around her face, a glowing complexion, and eyes that likely melted hearts.

A heartfelt and gushing caption from Demi thanked her followers. The star seemed out to remind them that she proves touched by all the comments left to her posts. In fact, Demi even went as far as to state that the fan support is what keeps her going. A mention of hard times was made – fans of Demi will know that her mother recently died – but the model's words suggested that her strength is greater than ever.The update proved popular in very little time, racking up more than 35,000 likes in just 13 minutes.

Demi may have thanked her followers as she marked her milestone today, but the model has offered her gratitude before, per The Inquisitr. A social media post saw the model combine thanks with spirituality.

"Giving thanks and appreciation to all that is good in my life. For the amazing people that I know, the opportunities I get given, my health and my spirit. The power is in the prayer. I'm always feeling so blessed and I wish nothing but blessings to you all," she wrote.

It looks like this model is set to garner many more followers. Fans wishing to see more of Demi should give her Instagram a follow.