Kate Beckinsale Spreads Legs In Side Splits With No Pants

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Kate Beckinsale shared a brand new Instagram photo today and her popularity is clear as ever, as it’s already racked up over 20,000 likes in just the first 15 minutes of it being live.

The image was black-and-white and showed the actress doing the side splits on a bedroom floor. She took the selfie in a large mirror, as she casually held the phone with both of her hands.

Beckinsale rocked an off-the-shoulder shirt, which had long sleeves with two dark stripes on the left sleeve. The shirt was also fairly long and helped to censor her pose. It was hard to know what she was wearing for her bottoms, but she was clearly going without pants.

Behind the actress, you could see a plush bed and a lamp. Plus, there were multiple vases in a row in front of yet another, large mirror.

Kate also did the splits on what looked like a yoga mat, which she placed on top of a rug.

Beckinsale also wore her hair up in a messy bun and completed the look with a thick, light hairband.

There were tons of fans that left nice comments about Kate’s beauty.

“U r amazing babe and beautiful,” said a fan.

“How are you that stunning,” wondered another fan.

“Oohh! Such a hottie!!!” exclaimed a follower.

In addition, many of Beckinsale’s followers had lots to say about her splits.

“D*mn legs for days,” said a fan.

“The word for the day is legs. Spread the word,” said another fan.

“Multi talented!!!!” declared a follower.

“Splits are always impressive!!” said another follower.

One follower joked about the pose.

“I tried this once on accident,” they said.

“I’m literally stretching in bed now….,” noted a fan.

On the other hand, some fans mentioned Kate’s acting career.

“You had me with Serendipity. This just reinforces that. So glad you gave insta a try. Keep smiling,” they said.

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Home stretch

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Plus, there were many people who had various questions for Kate.

“And how are you single….,” wondered a fan.

“Are you putting together IKEA furniture???” asked another fan, likely referring to the captions.

“No way this is a recent photo….right?” asked a follower.

Another follower seemed to think it was a no-brained that the photo was recent.

“You’re hotter than ever at 46,” they said.

Others tried to jokingly woo the actress.

“Marry me I’m funny sometimes,” commented a fan.

Fans can hope that Kate will continue to share photos of her flexibility in the coming days and weeks.