September 6, 2019
Mathilde Tantot Wears Nothing But A Towel Around Her Waist In Latest Snap

Mathilde Tantot is well-known for posting semi-nude shots that push Instagram's limits. On Friday, she drove her followers wild with her latest post; a pair of selfies that showed the model posing topless, exposing plenty of her skin.

In the double post, Tantot appeared to be in a bedroom standing in front of a mirror. A pile of clothing was scattered across the bed, but there was no clothing on the French bombshell. She kept what she was wearing to a minimum, opting only for a white towel around her waist. In the first photo, the towel was well below the small of her low back, resting on the curve of her booty. The shot highlighted Tantot's slender waist and round cheeks.

In the second snap, Tantot faced the mirror and covered a portion of her breasts with her hand. The photo captured the beauty's hourglass figure and smooth, tan skin. Tantot wore her hair down and her face was mostly obscured by her phone. It would be hard to say how many followers would have even noticed her face considering the fact that her body was stealing the show.

In the post's caption, Tantot indicated that she had spent the majority of her morning lazing in bed. Her 3.5 million followers seemed delighted that she would take a moment and share a bit of her day with them. Within an hour of going live, the post garnered over 130,000 likes and more than 600 comments.

One fan told Tantot she was the "perfect girl," while another follower said she was "super stunning."

"I have died and went to heaven," one admirer quipped.

One admirer told Tantot that she was like a "work of art."

Another follower told Tantot that she was "exquisite," adding that it was a shame that she often hid her face and smile in her photos.

Fans of Tantot will remember that she is half of the creative force behind Khassani Swimwear, a business she operates with her twin sister, Pauline. According to the company's web page, the sisters are committed to making swimwear that makes women feel beautiful and confident in a swimsuit.

The French beauty is undoubtedly confident in her own skin and has no qualms about showing as much of it as Instagram will allow. She also likes to share flirty photos that get plenty of attention.

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