Jessica Wilde Gets Fans’ Pulses Racing In Sexy Lingerie Snap That Flaunts Her Tattoos

Jessica WildeInstagram

Jessica Wilde took to Instagram over the weekend to post a sensual snap of herself posing in front of a mirror while dressed in skimpy lingerie.

The two-part post features the model in a dark purple, lace bra with double-string bottoms. The top puts her cleavage on display while leaving her toned tummy completely exposed as she teasingly tugs on one of the strings of the bottoms. The model rests one hand in front of her on the antique mirror while gazing directly at the camera with her lips slightly parted. Her long, straight brunette tresses spill around her face and down her back. She is wearing thick black eyeliner and mascara. Her lips shine with pink gloss.

With much of the 30-year-old’s skin exposed by the lingerie, her followers get an almost completely unobstructed view of her various tattoos. Both sleeves are left exposed while a spattering of others on her belly, rib cage, and thighs are also put on display.

In the second photo, Jessica strikes a slightly different pose in front of the mirror. Instead of looking at the camera, she gazes at her reflection with one hand propping up her chin, placing the bold reds, greens, and blacks of her sleeve tattoo in the forefront of the image.

In the caption of the post, the brunette beauty tells her followers that she’s sharing some mirror moments with her friend @tmshootart, a photographer by the name of Tyson who frequently photographs the model.

Jessica’s nearly 1 million Instagram followers loved the latest post, leaving her over 50,000 likes in the first couple days of being posted in addition to hundreds of comments complimenting her beauty and tattoo art.

“Mirror mirror on the wall who has the most perfect make up of them all? You do! You always dooooo!!!” one Instagram user sang.

“Your tats are so dope,” another social media user commented.

According to website Tattoo Life, Jessica aims to break the mold as to what a strong tatted, female model can do and be in the industry. She travels around the U.S. and the U.K. to attend tattoo conventions while frequently starring on the cover of various tattoo publications, including Tattoo Energy, Tattoo Life, Tattoo Society, and Inked Mag. The model also writes a sex advice column for Inked Mag called “Wild About Sex.”

When she isn’t modeling, Jessica creates videos for her own YouTube channel in which she talks about all manner of topics for her subscribers, from tattoos to modeling and hair tips and tricks.