Nikita Dragun Gets Leggy In Sexy Gold Ensemble & Keeps ‘Boyfriends’ On Leashes

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

Modern iconic transgender YouTuber Nikita Dragun dropped the jaws of her 5.4 million followers when she posted a steamy dominatrix style photo of herself holding the reins to several chiseled, topless men on leashes on Instagram

The photo was posted late in the day on Monday and featured Nikita wearing a super structured, skintight gold dress. The shimmery frock accentuated the social media influencer’s tiny waistline with a faux-corset style design. The form-fitting design featured a super low scoop neckline that exposed the artist’s voluptuous chest to just above the nipple. The hip-high slit showed off the entirety of her gorgeously bronzed legs.

Dragun wanted to make a big statement with her fashion, pairing the already scandalous dress with a feathery, bubblegum pink jacket that she wore off her shoulder and just covering her arms. She also opted to add a pair of sparkly gold peep-toe platforms and some sparkly hoop earrings.

The fashion-forward influencer took a power-stance for the photo, standing legs spread, hip cocked to one side and face dead on to the camera. She stood behind a trio of burly, oil-sheened men who were kneeling before her on all fours wearing sunglasses, finger-less latex gloves, and rhinestone-encrusted dog collars. Dragun posed holding a single leash lead that split and connected to each of the collars.

The post also contained a second photo of Nikita in the same pose with the men at various spots around her feet, kneeling and gazing up at her adoringly.

Nikita’s S&M ensemble complete with boyfriends on leashes is what she later wore to the 2019 VMAs. Several media outlets – including Entertainment Tonight– shared footage of the foxy YouTuber putting on a racy performance as she strolled down the red carpet with her leashed companions crawling on their hands and knees.

The steamy snapshot nearly broke Instagram pulling in just shy of a million likes and over 14,000 comments in just 24 hours.

Fans of the provocative fashionista bombarded the comments section with praise and adoration for their favorite transgender YouTuber. But, not everyone was leaving praises. Some followers found the post to be demeaning and felt that it was bringing attention to the LGBTQIA community in a negative light.

“The three men in a leash were unnecessary. If it was the other way around the media would be outraged and it’s disgusting how people are praising her for it.” One follower penned.

Besides the photos on Instagram, many fans were outraged that the men were made to crawl behind her during the red-carpet event. This style of BDSM culture was not well received outside of Dragun’s closest fans.

“I love Nikita, but this is beyond demeaning and does not help bring us closer to equality.” Another follower complained.

One of Dragun’s own comments on the post credits the inspiration for her look to Snoop Dogg who walked the VMA red carpet with a similar aesthetic back in 2003.