Instagram Doesn't Appreciate Justin Bieber Grabbing His Crotch With His Pants Falling Down

Justin Bieber may have 117 million dedicated fans subscribing to his Instagram account, but it doesn't look like all of them have been convinced by the "Sorry" singer's latest Instagram update. Justin took to the platform earlier today with a reminder that he's both a man and a fan of hip-hop's not-quite-there pants trend – clearly, the style isn't exclusive to rap icons.

In today's update, Justin appeared to be snapping a selfie while at home. The 25-year-old was standing in front of a mirror and modeling some merch from his popular Drew House clothing line. With a pair of rolled-up jeans that were working their way off the singer, this was definitely an underpants-flashing look. The star had a pair of khaki-colored underpants below the jeans, with a right hand reaching onto them in a somewhat NSFW manner. Elsewhere, Justin appeared fully clothed, with a tight white tank stylishly covered by an open shirt.

Since the update was shared, several Instagram users chimed in with negative comments.

"Justin you're an adult now it's time [to] dress like one," read a comment racking up over 200 likes in the space of an hour.

"Real talk," a fan replied.

Of course, some comments came in regarding the crotch-grabbing.

"I know damn well I am not the only one that zoomed in on him grabbing his bulge," a fan wrote, with over 410 others agreeing.

While this user didn't directly appear to be probing the singer, other users chose to take that route.

"Why is your pants literally on your knees bro get a belt," one fan stated.

"You are an adult," another said, before talking about learning to "respect."

Additionally, some responses were made in a humorous vein.

"I think your pant fell down.." one user stated.

This star may have opted down the eyebrow-raising route both by wearing falling-down pants and appearing to grab his crotch, but a little risqué moment is unlikely to make a dent in Justin's popularity. The star's Drew House clothing line has proven to be immensely popular, with fans seeming to dig the smiley-face logo. Furthermore, Drew House receives plenty of press from its founder as he wears the line out and about, with wife Hailey Baldwin joining him.As for the responses left today, Justin received plenty of positive feedback amid the backlash. Comments in all languages came in, with the star's more supportive fans absolutely loving the look. The update itself also racked up over 660,000 likes within two hours of going live. Still, with those negative remarks racking up so many likes, it's fair to say that Instagram wasn't entirely digging today's update.

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