Jennifer Lopez Reveals Butt Comments From Men & How G-String Dancing For 'Hustlers' Feels

Jennifer Lopez recently gave an eye-opening interview regarding her upcoming Hustlers movie, with fans gearing up for the film's mid-September release date. With a legendary music career, a prestigious American Idol judging role, and successful entrepreneurial ventures, there doesn't seem to be an area of showbiz that the 50-year-old star hasn't conquered. As for the headlines centering around JLo's engagement to Alex Rodriguez earlier this year, the buzz still hasn't died down.

In an article published this week, the singer spoke to Variety, with the feature appearing to highlight both JLo's past and her present. Fans were likely moved by a particularly poignant moment regarding the comments JLo has received about her rear, as it also made the Daily Mail's headlines. The newspaper dubbed the singer's words as Hollywood's male directors calling her backside "really big," although JLo spoke for herself.

"They would never say to a guy, 'Your d— is really big,'" she told Variety.

The interview also focused on Hustlers, with Lopez speaking about her role as a stripper named Ramona.

"I was terrified. I felt exposed. I was like, 'I've never done anything like this. I'm going to be up there in f*cking dental floss. What is this? Who is this person?' And then you get up there, and you have to have a 'f*ck you,' empowered attitude. You have to take your power back. You have to be so bold. "
Jennifer also added it took "b*lls" to do it.The movie, of course, has also been making headlines for featuring rapper Cardi B. While both Cardi and JLo are native New Yorkers and Latinas, their careers started out in different places, as Cardi has been open about her past as a stripper.While Lopez didn't seem to focus too much on the comments made about her rear, the singer's words did suggest that she'd suffered at the hands of men. Hollywood may be breaking down barriers in terms of sexism, but the battle has yet to be conquered. Lopez is arguably one of the earliest celebrity members to usher in the curvy rear – while the hourglass silhouette is now a full-blown trend, it wasn't always one.Fortunately, the feminine-embracement concept is now harnessed by megastars including Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Nicki Minaj, with other curvaceous ladies such as Blac Chyna and Jordyn Woods also flying the flag for a womanly shape.

Jennifer may have some curves, but this superstar equally boasts some of the biggest muscles in Hollywood. Given what JLo has been outfitted in for Hustlers, fans can expect to see Jennifer's fierce shape in full when it hits screens.