Sveta Bilyalova Dons White Bikini & Hangs Out With Dolphins

Sveta Bilyalova takes a selfie.
Svetabily / Instagram

Sveta Bilyalova posted a brand new Instagram video today, and it showed her going on an adventure. The video clip was a promotional post for Bang Energy Drink, but it wasn’t apparent at first.

The model sported a white bikini in the video, which consisted of a top that had a low scoop-neck, and bottoms that had a high, cheeky cut.

The clip started off with Sveta sitting on the boat, as she pointed at the dolphins that were swimming alongside her. The video then switched to showing the experience from different angles and also incorporated shots of the energy drink.

Bilyalova appeared to be having a great time as she was spotted smiling widely several times. There were what appeared to be dozens of dolphins in the water that day, so it’s no surprise that the model was having a blast.

Many of Sveta’s fans gushed about the video in the comments.

“Hahaha that was one of the best days!” exclaimed a follower.

“Omg what a dream!!!!!! Take me with you!!” said a fan.

“Omg, that is amazing,” noted another fan.

There were plenty of fans that wished they were also enjoying themselves in the tropical paradise.

“I need this in my life,” added an Instagram user.

“Ahhhhhh I wanna go there!” said a follower.

One fan, in particular, joked with the model.

“Baby careful for the shark?baby,” they said.

“Wow that’s a crazy view,” said another fan.

And while plenty of people showered Bilyalova with compliments, there were also some people who complained about the advertisement. Specifically, there were tons of fans that jabbed at the clip that showed Sveta drinking the Bang Energy drink.

“Pretending to drink it,” said a fan.

“She’s drinking a empty can???” asked another fan.

Others weren’t so vague, and let their opinions be known.

“That looks like some nasty sh*t you’re drinking. Cool dolphins though,” noted a follower.


“Sorry but the drink killed the video. Maybe ur dream was to get companies to pay for you do have adventures in a bikini,” added another follower.

In addition, one fan made a joke about the clip.

“Didnt show the old guy drivin the boat tho,” they said.

With that being said, it’s not unusual for Instagram models to share promotional content. However, Sveta rarely does so, which may explain the outpouring of criticism.

At any rate, fans can hope that Sveta will share new updates soon. However, she’s only shared three posts since June 19, so it looks like she’s not spending as much time on Instagram as she once used to.

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