‘Big Brother’ 21 Houseguest Dubbed ‘No Boundaries Nick’ By Viewers For Consistent Inappropriate Comments

Nick Maccarone sits in the Big Brother house
Monty Brinton / CBS

Many Big Brother live feed viewers have been fed up with Nick Maccarone for quite some time now. It’s starting to get worse, as Nick seems to get more inappropriate with each day. He has been dubbed “No Boundaries Nick” by many viewers, and a hashtag has even started on Twitter in his honor.

A lot of issues the live feed viewers seem to have come from Nick’s conversations with Tommy Bracco. Nick can get extremely brash and personal when speaking with Tommy, and has discussed things like lubrication in anal sex, STDs, condom use, and other things rated X. Many of these conversations occurred on Sunday afternoon, and a Twitter user shared the most vulgar in compiled screenshots from a live feeds account.

Nick has also been questioned by viewers for his desire to want to cuddle with everyone in the house. He has been spotted cuddling with Analyse Talavera, Nicole Anthony, Christie Murphy, and Tommy, after his showmance partner, Bella Wang, was evicted.

Nicole was noticeably uncomfortable with Nick today when he pushed the topic of masturbation, by suggesting she was satisfying herself in the Head of Household bathroom. This has bothered many viewers, since Nicole is one of America’s favorite players at this time.

“He needs to STOP with her. She’s made it clear she doesn’t like talking about that stuff. #NoBoundariesNick strikes again,” one viewer wrote on Twitter.

“Everyone who watches the live feeds know what’s up. If you don’t watch the feeds, you can follow BB updates on twitter that give all the dialogue. You can look up #NoBoundariesNick for All of his f***ed upness & sexual harassment. So You find your facts, the receipts are stacked,” another tweeted.


Although it is not 100 percent confirmed at this time, Nick has claimed to have some sort of job in child therapy. His behavior in the house has caused many viewers to question his role in working with children, and some have even called for him to be fired. Some fans even suggested Nick has already been fired, but there is no proof of that either.

Viewers may not have to tolerate Nick for much longer since he is currently on the block next to Christie Murphy. The Power of Veto competition will play out this Wednesday on CBS, but if you want to skip ahead and see who won, check out our spoilers here.

Big Brother airs every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights on CBS.