Chanel West Coast Shuts Down Instagram Dancing In String Booty Shorts & Cowboy Hat

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Chanel West Coast’s grip on social media is climbing with each passing day. The “Sharon Stoned” rapper has just dropped some promo for her latest track, “I Be Like,” featuring rapper Dax. The video delivered Chanel’s signature chameleon edge. Fans familiar with the star’s 2019-released tracks know that she has pretty much rocked every look under the sun this year.

Chanel’s video came with a statement modern edge. Fluorescent lighting, cacti, and wall-mounted guitars offered fans plenty to look at as Chanel hung out with her friends, although the rapper herself was taking center stage. Chanel was seen shaking her stuff in a variety of outfits – again, a varied look from this 30-year-old is now somewhat of an expectation from her fans.

The video showed some epic moves, with Chanel outfitted in figure-flaunting outfits that accentuated the whole effect. The star was seen in a pink cowboy hat accessorizing a pair of booty shorts with black string ties and a frayed neon top, although the looks were switched up. While the green-and-black ensemble followed Chanel around a dancefloor, an all-blue duo comprised of a crop top and shorts also featured. The Ridiculousness star was also seen in a loose dress, although this look brought the hat back.

Chanel’s video seems to have had an effect in virtually no time. It had racked up 10,000 views within just 20 minutes of going live. Of course, fans were linked to the full video in Chanel’s bio. Those that did drop by the comments section left Chanel the thumbs-up – many fire emoji were left.

Chanel seems to be making her mark in the music world. The star may still generate countless internet memes on account of her unique laugh, but the rap industry is taking this girl seriously. Chanel released “Sharon Stoned” earlier this year, with the promo once again proving that she knows how to catch attention. The star was photographed in a dominatrix-style corset in black, with peroxide blonde hair and bold red walls in the background causing quite a stir.

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Everything changed with Chanel’s next release, though. “Old Fashioned” ushered in saloon settings, frayed cowgirl outfits, and a red-haired look from the rapper who is mostly seen blonde.

Nailing social media delivery is something that Chanel has spoken about. Her interview with Hollywood Life revealed that she’s a natural with the camera, although Chanel did reveal that the hunt for clothing that flatters her is less easy.

“Back when low-rise jeans were in, that was the worst thing ever for me,” she said.

It looks like today’s clothes fit Chanel perfectly.