Wendy Williams Cancels Four More Shows, Low Ticket Sales Reportedly To Blame

Four additional scheduled shows for Wendy Williams' comedy tour have been canceled.

Wendy Williams poses on the red carpet.
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Four additional scheduled shows for Wendy Williams' comedy tour have been canceled.

Wendy Williams has had a tough past year, with the downfall of her marriage, relapse, and various health problems. Now it appears that Williams’ comedy tour, entitled “For The Record Umm Hmmm!,” isn’t going quite according to plan. Williams has had to cancel several of her upcoming shows, and just announced that four additional shows won’t be taking place after all, according to Page Six.

Williams was scheduled to appear in Atlanta, Georgia, at Symphony Hall to perform on September 6 and 7. Both of these shows have since been canceled. Williams’ scheduled performance at Cleveland Playhouse on August 23 has also been canceled, in addition to her upcoming show in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Symphony Hall released a public statement regarding the cancellation, and blamed recent headlines for the cause of the cancellation, but didn’t go into detail about what exactly they were referring to. However, many reports say low ticket sales is the real reason the tour is struggling so much. Symphony Hall assured fans that Williams’ dedication to her fans wasn’t lessened. Those that had already purchased tickets to the event will be refunded.

Symphony Hall’s lengthy statement was published on their website.

“We always want to be able to give the fans the best show ever. With that said, the same excitement, intensity and headlines that fueled Wendy Williams and Friends presents For The Record Umm Hmmm! Comedy Tour has also fueled the cancellation of the scheduled show. Unfortunately, the goal and purpose of the tour has been sidelined by the headlines. The show may be canceled, but Wendy’s commitment and love for all of the fans that support her and continue to support her never will. It is our utmost goal to return to the marketplace in the future. Ticket holders can receive refunds at the point of purchase.”

The venue in which Williams was expected to perform at in Philadelphia also issued a similar public statement.

However, Williams fans that reside in Florida will be relieved to know that she is still set to appear on September 21, at least for now.

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There have been a lot of ups and downs in Williams’ life this past year. She admitted to her fans that she’d been living in a sober house as she came to grips with her struggle with substance abuse. Her marriage of nearly 22 years to Kevin Hunter also crumbled in wake of rumors of his infidelity. Since then, Williams has been focusing on re-inventing her life and has been seen out in public with various men.