Salma Hayek, 52, Gets Soaking Wet & Shows Off Killer Curves In Purple Swimsuit

Salma Hayek poses for a photo in Toronto.
Cary Penny / Getty Images

Salma Hayek is slaying in her latest, sexy look.

While she may be 52-years-old, the actress has proven time and time again that she is still at the top of her game when it comes to showing off her stunning figure in a wide-variety of sexy outfits including swimsuits and NSFW dresses. In the most recent photo that was shared with her 10 million-plus Instagram fans, Salma leaves little to be desired in a series of swimsuit-clad snaps.

The first photo in the deck show the black haired beauty laying in the sand as the waves crash over her body. She wears her long, dark locks down as they appear to be sand-filled and wet. The stunner puts on a sexy display for her legion of fans while busting out of a tiny purple one-piece that clings to her body, showing off flawless figure. The bombshell offers fans a generous glimpse of cleavage and she appears to be makeup-free in the image.

The second photo in the series shows the 52-year-old laying in the water again while floating on the surface. Like her previous shot, her eyes are closed in this one. The next few photos in the deck show the bombshell looking like she’s at peace in the water and since the series of soaking wet images went live for fans, they’ve earned Salma rave reviews.

So far, the NSFW photos have amassed over 360,000 likes in addition to 4,400-plus comments. While many fans took to the post to gush over the actress’ killer body, countless others let her know that they’re huge fans.

“Legends says Salma is still flowing through oceans,” one follower commented with an angel emoji.

“Virgo season coming upon us mama,” another Instagram user chimed in.

“Love the way your face is masked by the water. It’s a neat effect,” another wrote.

In the past, the actress has opened up to Oprah about a number of topics including her career and personal life. Salma told the talk show host that when she arrived in the United States in 1991, she didn’t really know any English but she didn’t let that stop her from pursuing her dreams of becoming an actress.

“I wanted to do films, and at that time in Mexico, a film industry didn’t really exist. So where do you go to do movies? You go to the mecca. I also was afraid I was a very bad actress, because I’d become famous very fast and was making money for people,” she told the publication. “When you’re making money, they’re never going to tell you whether you’re good or bad. They don’t care. I knew that if I had any talent, this would kill it. ”

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