Emily Ratajkowski Shrugs Off Hairy Arm Pit Comments In Revealing Bikini Instagram Post

Emily Ratajkowski always seems to feel comfortable no matter what she wears -- or doesn't wear.

However, last week's daring Instagram post in which this famous free spirit indicated she doesn't always shave under her arms was not everyone's proverbial cup of tea. As such, many of her 23.9 million followers continue to make comments about her armpit hair.

The includes mentions of the hairy stuff on her Instagram share on August 20 when she looked as if she was shrugging off all negative remarks. She was also keeping her arms so tightly down at her sides that her breasts appeared to be popping out of her beige-and-white polka dotted bikini top.

No straps accompanied the brief bra-styled item, but their addition would not have helped the situation, anyway. As EmRata sat with her legs crossed in a perfect yoga pose, her taut stomach and her obvious underboob were on full display.

However, this photo was probably not the most interesting of the two Emily put up for public scrutiny on Tuesday. In the second image Emily raised her left arm in which -- lo and behold -- she didn't rock a single arm pit hair.

Perhaps she was silently alerting her fans that growing out those hairy parts is not her typical style. Or, maybe she just felt like being a bit more groomed in that area at this particular time.

Whatever the answer, inquiring minds wanted to know.

"What happened to the badger under your armpit?" one cheeky follower asked after just an hour since Emily uploaded her most recent social media shots.

"Did you loose your armpit hair?" asked another who obviously wasn't paying full attention to the image at hand.

"Why you shaved baby?? I loved them pits. I grew to like them more and more each day," said still another, apparently missing the little hairs previously showing under Em's long arms.

Other followers who commented on Emily's most recent post were grateful for the change.

"Glad you shaved your armpits," remarked one positive thinker.

"Finally u cut ur armpits," said one observer, who likely meant she shaved those hairs since cutting them would cause a lot of down time.

Nevertheless, even though Emily Ratajkowski does not currently possess hairy arm pits, the model-actress-mogul may well do so again. As she remarked in the caption of her post that showed a lot of dark hairs underneath her well toned arms, this shining star thinks women should have the right to choose.

According to EmRata, they can choose all kinds of things, like "how she dresses, what she posts" and even "if she decides to shave or not."