August 17, 2019
'Bachelor In Paradise' Spoilers: Hannah Godwin Gets Slammed On Insta For How She Treats Dylan Barbour

Hannah Godwin shared a new Instagram post that showed her going topless, as previously reported on by The Inquisitr. While most of the comments were largely positive, there were also some Bachelor in Paradise fans that expressed their disgruntled feelings in the comments section.

In particular, a comment from a fan received over 330 likes, and it had to do with Dylan Barbour.

"Stop treating dylan like [poop emoji]," said a fan, using the emoji to punctuate their comment.

These sentiments were echoed by many of the cast members on BiP in recent episodes, as the love triangle heated up. The triangle, which involves Hannah, Dylan, and Blake, has led to many people in the cast expressing their confusion about Godwin's real intentions. After all, Dylan seems to be completely smitten with Hannah and Hannah only, while Blake has been ousted for leading multiple women on at the same time.

So it's not entirely surprising that a fan would be making these comments, as it appears, for now, that Hannah is playing the field and potentially hurting people in the process.

That's not to mention that Reality Steve has already provided spoilers on the upcoming rose ceremony, and Hannah apparently gives her rose to Dylan, not Blake.

A follower seemingly defended Godwin too, responding to the comment with the following remark.

"You realize that paradise happened like two months ago? So you actively posting this today will not affect her actions on a show that happened in the past right?" they said.

In addition, Godwin also revealed the bombshell information that Blake actually flew to Alabama to meet her in-person before Paradise started filming. After learning about this, Dylan appeared to be torn up about everything that had gone on between the two, up until that point.

And while Hannah had a fan that defended her, not everyone seemed to be on board.

"For some reason she cant turn down any attention," commented an Instagram user.

There's been plenty of criticism thrown around between cast members on BiP so far. While Hannah has been dealing with her love triangle, she's not the only one. Nicole Lovar, for example, has been on three one-on-one dates already, with Clay, Jordan, and Christian.

And that's not to mention the drama that has gone down with Blake, as it was previously revealed that he slept with Kristina and Caelynn, one day apart, during the Stagecoach Festival.