Jeffrey Epstein's Suicide Is Unusual For New York's Metropolitan Correctional Center, Says Elie Honig

Tyler MacDonald

As The Inquisitr previously reported, convicted sex offender and accused sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein died by an "apparent suicide" at New York's Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) Saturday morning. Although a federal official told CNN that there was no foul play suspected in the disgraced financier's death, many are wary given the cushy treatment Epstein received during his previous prison sentence and his connections to powerful people such as President Donald Trump and former President Bill Clinton.

Elie Honig, who is a CNN legal analyst and former federal state prosecutor who says he worked for the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York (SDNY) for over eight years, took to Twitter to reveal that he doesn't remember any suicides at MCC during his time at the court.

"I worked at SDNY for 8-plus years," he tweeted. "Collectively the Office had thousands of defendants housed at MCC during that time. I could be overlooking one but I can't recall any suicides in MCC during that time."

He tagged Mimi Rocah, an NBC and CNN legal analyst and former federal prosecutor at SDNY, and Preet Bharara, a former U.S. attorney for SDNY, and asked them if they remember suicides at the facility.

"No I don't recall one either," Rocah tweeted in response. "Absolutely have seen defendants/targets who committed suicide but usually when at home or about to be apprehended. Important to not [sic] what @ScottHech says about suicide being common in jails vs in. Federal facility like MCC where not common."

At the time of writing, Bharara did not respond to Honig's tweet.

Bharara posted documents via Twitter that reveal Epstein was being housed in the MCC's "Special Housing Unit" at the time of his death and suggests that prisoners must be removed from the SHU before they're placed on suicide watch. He also said on Twitter that there is "almost certainly" video of Epstein's suicide and said it should be secured.

Several members of Congress are calling for a full probe of Epstein's death. Florida Representative Lois Frankel took to Twitter to express her belief that justice for Epstein's victims can still be achieved through a probe that reveals why he received a slap on the wrist instead of a longer prison sentence.

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